What are the best handbags to look chic and elegant?

What are the best handbags to look chic and elegant?


What are the best handbags to look chic and elegant? As essential accessories in any outfit, bags must provide style and presence. Depending on your goal, handbags can be for work, a party, sports, casual, etc. However, what are the best handbags to look chic and elegant? They´re usually bags in neutral colors because they combine with everything. You must take their design into account. Why? Because not all of them will give you a chic, elegant style, at least not in the same opportunities. If you want to know the best bags to look chic and elegant, stay with us! Let's discover together those bags that will give you a unique style.


4 types of bags you must have if you want to look chic and elegant

  1. Clutch bag



Clutch bag

A clutch is the most appropriate bag for a party, a cocktail party, or some other more formal or festive event. These small accessories are ideal for carrying only the most essential.  You can choose something basic to accompany it but don't take away from your outfit. You can also choose one that makes a basic look interesting. If you´re looking for a classic and minimalist option, opt for a leather envelope-type clutch. They´re one of the best handbags to look chic and elegant.


A clutch in a neutral tone is essential among the bags for women. For instance, you can choose a clutch from the ANSCEL brand. They have black bags that match everything. They´re black leather bags, and thanks to that, they have a fascinating appearance and luxurious quality. You can choose the Georgia bag, a perfect and functional clutch because you can also cross over your body. It´s also brilliant if you want something classic because it´s a black clutch with a chain. This option is perfect, as it´s easy to combine and can get you out of trouble.



  1. Mini bag



Mini bags are a trend in recent years. Depending on the model you choose, you can use them for a meeting, an appointment, or in your day-to-day. Also, a model with metallic and leather applications is an excellent choice for a date. This classic piece is ideal for women with more feminine and romantic styles. But also, always elegant and chic. If you want a more minimalist option, go for a white or black mini bag. Women´s handbags should allow you to complement your outfits practically. That´s why neutral and classic colors are the best. These two models are versatile and fulfill that function.


  1. Tote bag


Tote bag

Tote bags could top the list thanks to their chic and elegant appearance among the women's handbags for a closet. These bags are spacious and comfortable to carry, so they´re widely used for the office, classes, or walks. So, it´s important to have one according to your style, thinking about the occasion we plan to use it. If you have an elegant style, a tote bag in dark tones is perfect to go to the office. You can choose to wear a classic black tote bag. This option is maybe the most popular but also the most versatile. As it allows you to combine it with different looks and go from office to class. 


If you check out ANSCEL bags of these types, you will find the Willow bag. It´s classic in style, made of pure black leather, making it one of the best handbags to look chic and elegant. However, less structured bags in neutral or pastel tones are best for an outing. You can achieve a preppy and casual look depending on how you match it.


  1. Backpack


Although backpacks are not necessarily handbags, you can use them on different occasions. Look for models made of resistant materials and with a striking appearance. In that way, you can look chic and elegant even wearing a backpack. For that reason, if you plan to incorporate one into your look, it´s good that it looks presentable and according to your style and age. You must avoid canvas or school-type backpacks and look for more structured models. A leather mini backpack looks perfect on casual seasonal looks. 


You can also pick a more classic model in beige or black leather and combine them with more relaxed summer clothes. A good option for a black backpack is the Jupiter model from ANSCEL. It´s black leather, spacious, and its appearance is elegant. It´s also practical and functional. To look chic and elegant, this is a perfect option. If you want to use the backpack for the beach or a summer place, you can opt for materials such as canvas in beige and earth colors and more classic models.


What makes a bag elegant?

What makes a bag elegant

What are the best handbags to look chic and elegant? After knowing the handbag models that will help you look fashionable with a chic and elegant style, you will wonder what makes a bag elegant. Many factors go into making a bag look sophisticated and elegant. First, there´s quality. The quality of a bag is in the craftsmanship of the manufacturing, the inner lining, and the stitching. As a woman's bag is her reflection, it´s better to look more at the quality than the price. If you choose a good quality handbag, we assure you that the price will be worth it.


Second, another feature that makes a handbag elegant is its design and versatility. Don't buy designs full of prints or decorations and go for classic designs with neutral and harmonious colors. A bag of this style provides a sophisticated and elegant look. But also, a classic look that never goes out of style. For that reason, ANSCEL's timeless designs in black leather are an ideal choice among wallets to look chic and elegant. They´re beautiful, of quality, and their versatility is incredible. Why? Because they are not only used for work. They´re also for your daily use, night, and special occasions.


What is the most popular style of handbag?


What is the most popular style of handbag?


Among the bags that make you look chic and elegant, one of the most popular styles of bags is the tote bag. But why is that? Because a tote bag can vary from a simple cloth bag to a large leather bag. Like bags, totes are more structured than clutches or other smaller bags. Still, they´re also designed with a lot of space inside. Thanks to that, they´re practical, versatile, and elegant bags. If you want to look chic and sophisticated, one of your best options is tote bags.



What are the best handbags to look chic and elegant? Tote bags, clutches, mini bags, and backpacks are among the most sophisticated and practical bags. If you want to improve your style and outfit, don't hesitate to add some of these models to your wardrobe. See you in the next post!