Meet Cecilia Cho

Cecilia grew up in a handbag manufacturing family in South Korea. Her father designed, produced and manufactured luxury leather luggage and bags for his own company, as well as for global brand-name companies. 

Spending holiday time in the leather factory was not uncommon in Cecilia’s childhood, and she learned the foundational requirements of quality production as she worked alongside her family’s team of skilled craftsmen.

At age twelve, she witnessed the full power of design sketches while attending her first international luggage and handbag trade show. The multitude of beautiful bags she saw at that show would determine the fashion trends in the year ahead. Seeing this gave Cecilia a thrill. She instantly felt the spark of destiny tugging at her sleeve. The creation of designer handbags would not just be her family’s business, it would become hers as well.

Cecilia’s knowledge of handbag manufacturing expanded with time, as did her understanding of how to transform sketches into beautiful products. She studied Fine Art at one of North America’s widely acclaimed creative institutes, Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, B.C.

Cecilia is living her dream as the owner of a Canadian handbag company.