Anscel - How to combine Canadian handbag designs with an effortless look?

How to combine Canadian handbag designs with an effortless look?

Frequently in fashion, less is more. Have you seen women wearing a chic and simple look? It is known as the effortless look, and achieving it has a trick.   But do you know what an effortless look is? It is a simple but feminine and sophisticated look. A true effortless look has few pieces. We already have enough with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and tennis shoes. You can always embellish your look a bit with a jacket and a bag, but the basis of the comfy effortless look is precise that less is more. 


So, how to combine Canadian handbag designs with an effortless look? If you have already bought your ANSCEL brand bag or you haven't done so yet, you may be interested in knowing how to mix them with this type of look. Stay tuned for our tips to succeed with an effortless look combined with timeless-looking bags. Let's get started!


5 keys to achieving an effortless look


How to combine Canadian handbag designs with an effortless look? Before adding Canadian bag designs to your effortless looks, it is first necessary to know how to achieve such a look. Follow these five tips and look amazing with an effortless look!





The tailored jacket is a fundamental piece of effortless and one of the favorites of all who wear this style.


The blazer is the elegant touch of the outfit, the timeless and formal piece that makes a look similar to "just out of bed" and can be transformed into an office or party outfit.


Get a jacket as classic as possible. If it has no better gender and if it has been recovered in a vintage or inherited from a relative, better impossible.





This piece is key when creating an effortless style. Use a pair of jeans or colored pants as the base of the look.


But it is not just any pair of jeans that is part of the effortless style. It has to be as comfortable as possible.


The ideal is a mom or baggy jeans. Otherwise, the characteristics that are always respected are the high waist, the straight leg, and the loose fit.





This rule helps a lot with the economy: for the effortless style, you only need to have three pairs of shoes that can be combined with any garment.


They are comfortable. Loafers, so-called "ballerina" shoes, and the always loyal "converse" sneakers are the best options for an effortless look.


The important thing is to have shoes that work for any occasion, and you can combine them with any item of clothing.






Hats are ideal, such as the bucket type or caps. Scarves are also perfect with this style, as are scarves. About the sunglasses, these should be classic style, avoiding shiny details, being the aviator or straight the right ones.


Of course, bags are the best accessory. The best thing is that you wear classic and timeless designs in neutral colors.


A good option is the bags you get from the ANSCEL brand. They fit any combination.





This detail is significant since the effortless look is based on the naturalness of the casual, so a fresh finish with little complexity is indicated for this beautiful look.


It is ideal with natural makeup in nude tones and loose hair with messy waves or low and light ponytails.






3 effortless looks you can recreate wearing Canadian luxury bag designs


Now that you have the basic keys to wearing an effortless look, we can discover those outfits that tell us how to combine Canadian handbag designs with an effortless look. Here we go!




Anscel - Look 1 high-cut wide-leg pants with a short-sleeved white shirt

The first outfit to combine Canadian handbag designs with an effortless look is easy to pull off. The reason? Most of the pieces that make it up should be in your closet.


Combine high-cut wide-leg pants with a short-sleeved white shirt. Try to make the shirt have buttons. You can use it inside the jean. Add some black ankle boots, or you can also wear white tennis shoes.


Of course, you can add some black sunglasses. If you want to add a bag, we recommend a tote bag. In the ANSCEL brand, you find the Willow model. It suits this type of look well.




Anscel - LOOK 2 mom Jeans

The second option to combine Canadian handbag designs with an effortless look is maybe a bit more elegant. As you can see, the effortless look is not only casual. It can also be elegant and sophisticated if you know what to wear.


Remember that effortless is simply a style you achieve with just a few pieces. It is simple in appearance but always neat. If you want an effortless look to go to the office in cold weather, you can combine mom jeans with a black t-shirt. Add a beige trench coat.


You can wear a belt on your jeans. In addition, black heeled boots will add a perfect touch. However, if you're looking for the perfect finishing touch, pack a crossbody bag. You can find the timeless-looking design in the ANSCEL brand. In addition, they are classic bags that will add more style to your look.




Anscel - LOOK 3 blue Jeans, backpack

The last option to combine Canadian handbag designs with an effortless look is a bit more casual. It is ideal for warmer days. Wear the jeans of your choice with a shirt with puffed sleeves. You can wear this look in neutral colors or even pastels. Sandals would make a good match with this combination. However, you can also wear tennis shoes or boots. Add a clutch bag for the finishing touch. Remember that in the ANSCEL brand, you get beautiful designs of these models.


How to combine Canadian handbag designs with an effortless look? The best way to do this is to keep it simple in each of the clothes and accessories you choose. To achieve an effortless look, you need three basic pieces of clothing: jeans, a white shirt, and tennis shoes or loafers. These combined garments create a perfect look and, as the trend says, effortlessly. Add your favorite Canadian bag designs. Being timeless and classic, they fit in with any effortless outfit.