The Simplicity and Charm of Mini-Mystique

The Simplicity and Charm of Mini-Mystique

Mini-Mystique is all about simplicity, where you know that through the storms in life, things will get better. With a tone of calm, the Mini-Mystique is all about soothing oneself with a compact purse you can bring with you to the concert or a casual cocktail bar. It’s soothing, graceful, and full of heart.

 The horizontal line is inspired by a Korean traditional cloth called the "hanbok" and with contemporary design combined with cushiony soft feel quilting, it finished with a soft, subtle gentleness. The shine of natural beauty gives it an aura, which cannot be controlled by people.

Oval-shaped links that loop and tuck into a variety of lengths from shoulder to wrist to top-handle make it easy to adjust. With a long single chain that can be adjusted for different lengths, it’s perfect for your lifestyle changes and needs. It can be a crossbody when shopping or heading to the bar, whether it’s as a shoulder bag or a tote. You should be confident no matter what you wear, but the Mini-Mystique gives you the extra feeling of serenity that other bags cannot give. With an open compartment for your essentials and an outside slash pocket for ready access, this bag provides you with all the necessary compartments to keep your valuables safe. The outside is made from lamb leather, soft and inviting.

You’ll wear it for the convenience and simplicity. You’ll keep it afterward for years, knowing its suitability for your every day life and reminder that everything will be okay.

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