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The History of Handbags: Is it for everybody?

Handbags are a symbol of peace, power, and beauty. It does make sense why most people usually need this for fashion or for daily use. Handbags were already existing since 14th century and until now, they are still worthy as a companion and a daily tool.

The world’s oldest handbag

To date, this is the picture of the oldest handbag in the world. It was confused to be a document wallet, saddlebag and a work bag because of its unique design made up of brass and styled with gold and silver. This was later found out to be a handbag of a woman in Mosul in the 1300s.

The world's oldest handbag

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Why are handbags everywhere?

Handbags are a great resemblance of the personality of every wearer. Even in the psychological aspect, handbags are like an extension of our body parts. In recent cases, handbags improved most of the recognition of patients with Alzheimer disease because of their affection toward the bag. It does serve as a functional tool for anything to keep, but it also serves as a companion for most people. With this, handbags extend more than a fashion trend, thus it keeps every part of the wearer as its own personality.

Having a handbag does need an arm and a leg if you want it to be durable, doesn’t it? If you want it to be a companion, then you would want it to last. But not every handbag is as expensive as the mainstream brands. There is always a better option for every budget and that’s how Anscel designs enter the business. 

Are handbags just for women?

It is never a surprise that almost everything has criticisms, and for handbags, it is never just a random critique. It is always an assumption that handbags are only for ladies, but no. The oldest handbags were actually first used by men in battle or as messengers. Actually, they held strings more than women, because they needed it as a storage for documents or for tiny battle essentials. This means that handbags must never be a gender-specific tool, it must be used by everybody. Some of the brands have actual designs that are specific only for men and women. This is actually helpful for buyers because men and women styles are usually promoted in their respective categories, but there must be no criticism if someone wanted the design from another category. This is an example that fashion is for everybody, because there are no limits for creativity. For several examples, you can check a male category here

What styles are perfect for me?

There are no perfect styles unless you wear it yourself. But just a tip, if you want a handbag that’s for you, you should pick something that you saw yourself. Every person likes a specific style even though they have no idea about it. These handbags and every other fashion accessory act as extensions to the wearer, so every point of the finger is worth another support. The best always comes when you know it. But for a guide, you can check our other blogs here.

Handbags are not just a fashion trend; it is an everyday-to-go-accessory that brings out every personality!