Luxury designer handbags for work

Luxury designer handbags for work


A bag is an essential accessory for every woman. We always want one that matches our everyday look. But many ignore the characteristics that luxury designer handbags for work should have. Quality, internal compartments for storing small objects. And, above all, many styles, are the characteristics that a perfect bag should have. Also, you can measure the value of the perfect bag by the use that you´ll give it in your day-to-day. 


That´s why it´s so important that we have a bag we can take to work. And that at the same time we can wear it to go shopping or to go out with friends. So, it´s time for you to meet the luxury designer handbags for work. These bags will help you not only carry the most necessary with you. They will also give you a better look and will improve your outfit a lot. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!


What is a work bag?


What is a work bag
Work bags are perfect to take to the office or wherever we work. Why? Because thanks to their dimensions and design, they allow you to carry your most essential objects. And in the most comfortable way possible. But that´s not all. A good handbag for work also adds style and perfects your look. Of course, if you know how to choose the right one. But don't worry, if you need help, here we present several models of the luxury brand ANSCEL that are perfect options if you´re looking for luxury designer handbags for work.



  1. Willow


Do you like minimalist and leather handbags? Then this is your ideal option among these luxury designer handbags for work. It´s a bag which design is beautiful, and at the same time, it´s a useful and practical product. But the Willow bag is ideal not only for work! It´s also a good option for shopping trips. And as a mom, a bag to carry everything a mother needs. It can also be a handbag for the night or hand luggage at the airport. 


The material of this bag is processed hemp. Thanks to that, it´s very durable. In addition, it´s coated with a non-toxic formula, resistant to water, and resistant to damages such as scratches or stains. And although it´s made of better material and is of first-hand leather, the bag doesn't weigh much. Do you see it? Is ideal for work. It also has compartments and a lock to secure your belongings. The Willow handbag is perfect for empowered women and fashionistas.


  1. Magnolia


Another good option among the luxury designer handbags for work is the Magnolia bag. It´s perfect for the office if you want a stunning look thanks to its size and design. The designer Cecilia Cho designed this model for women who want to carry everything they need to without problems. However, it´s not a stationary bag. That is, it´s not only practical for work since you can also use it in your day-to-day. To go to a meeting, to a class, as luggage when you travel or to attend a dinner with your friends. It´s comfortable to wear because you can carry it over your shoulder or as a handbag. As it´s a luxury bag, it has long durability and resists any damage. Also, as it´s black leather, you can combine it with any look you want.


  1. The Mystique


The Mystique

Among the designs you can find at ANSCEL, The Mystique is one of the best for several reasons. In addition to being part of the luxury designer handbags for work, this model is available in three versions. The classic Mystique, the big one, and the mini one. Each one is black leather and thanks to that it´s also perfect for a businesswoman. Also, another positive point is that it´s a quilted black leather bag, so it has a sophisticated look and matches any outfit. You can wear it for a casual or elegant moment. You can travel anywhere, either carrying it as a handbag or on your shoulder. The design includes decorative details, such as the brand's logo. Also, inside, it has some compartments that will be useful when packing your belongings.



  1. Camellia


Did you know that a bag for work doesn´t necessarily have to be very large? It can also be a shoulder bag. As long as it allows you to store your cell phone, keys, and several cosmetic products. Well, this is the case with ANSCEL's Camellia handbag. It´s a minimalist black leather handbag. Thanks to its design, it´s a model that never goes out of style. In addition, as we said, it´s a good option among the luxury designer handbags for work. But you can also wear it for any time of the day and at night. It has a chain that will allow you to wear it in many ways. It´s also a bag that you can combine with lots of outfits, and it will look incredible.



What is the ideal size of a work bag?


What is the ideal size of a work bag

The appropriate measurements for luxury designer handbags for work depend on many things. Mainly, it depends on what you usually carry in your bag when you go to the office. But it also depends on what size you are. If you carry a laptop to work, the most appropriate thing is that the handbag is of a size where you can carry your laptop, and maybe a few other belongings. But if you´re a short person, a large handbag will not suit you at all. 



Our best recommendation is you base your purchase on your needs. Consider the bag's dimensions and if you want to carry things like a laptop in it. Measure the laptop and make sure that it can fit in the bag, if possible. It´s better to take precautions before buying a product that doesn´t meet your requirements or needs. You may like a bag just for its design, but when buying a luxury bag, that´s not the only thing you should keep in mind.


Is a tote bag good for work?


Yes, tote bags are generally ideal for work. There´re some models of fabric tote bags that serve as day-to-day bags. They even are helpful to go to the market. But if you know how to combine them with the right outfit, you can also use them for the office. 


Although, if you prefer a leather tote bag, you can buy one with that material. It will still be perfect for going to the office. It will even give you a more sophisticated look. We recommend you take a look at the Willow bag from ANSCEL. Its design is very similar to a tote bag. Also, it´s made of black leather and is perfect for work and anytime.


The luxury designer handbags for work are perfect to go to work with a fashionable and practical piece at the same time. ANSCEL bags are available as the best options to use at work. But also at any time of your day-to-day. Which is your favorite? Do decide, and don´t forget to get the model you liked the most. See you soon!