Anscel-Korean handbag designs: what to have inside them?

Korean handbag designs: what to have inside them?

Korean handbag designs: what to have inside them? Until now, we have already talked about the importance of a luxury bag. Of how to take care of it, about the outfits that you can complement with them. And if it´s worth buying designer bags, among other topics. But we haven´t dedicated ourselves to talking about the stuff you can carry inside them. It probably sounds like a silly topic, but it's not.  Especially when one of the recommendations to take care of your luxury bag is the following. Not to fill it with so many things so as not to deform them. For this reason, today we will talk about the Korean handbag designs: what to have inside them? In addition, you will learn some tips to organize your Korean handbag. Stay with us and learn more about what you can carry inside your luxury bags.


What should every handbag have?

Anscel-What should every handbag have?

Korean handbag designs: what to have inside them? Your bag is your ally. It accompanies you every day wherever you go. So, to be prepared for any situation, we bring you a list of 7 basics that should be in it. In this way, you will know the answer to the question that we try to clarify in this opportunity:


  1. Your wallet 


Korean handbag designs: what to have inside them? You always must carry some money in your bag. That's why you can't forget your wallet. Many women like to have large and roomy wallets. But with some bags, it´s convenient to leave the large wallet at home and choose another type of wallet. You will save space and have a place to carry your money and credit cards. The ANSCEL brand not only offers Korean handbag designs. It also has a wallet available in its catalog. The model is called Adonis. It´s long and slim. Also, it´s made of black leather. This wallet is ideal to carry in your bags.


  1. Your cell phone


Ansel-Your cell phone

The cell phone shouldn´t be missing either, ever. In the past, we could resort to a phone booth. But nowadays, it's hard to find one of these booths on the street. That's why you should carry your cell phone in your bag. Since the phone is an essential part of us today, it shouldn´t be missing in any Korean handbag designs.


  1. Portable battery


When you are a busy woman and when the cell phone plays a significant role in your work or other responsibilities, just carrying the cell phone in your bag isn´t enough. You need a charger as well. For this reason, a portable charger can save you from more than one hurry. Especially if you spend a lot of time away from home. In this way, you won´t risk your mobile running out of battery in the middle of an important matter. The key is to get a model compatible with all phone brands. A phone charger should definitively be in your Korean handbag design.


  1. House keys


Ancel-House keys

Whether they´re keys, access cards, etc., these objects are another of those things that you can't forget. However, only carry the keys you need when using a small bag. Don't carry so many keys inside your Korean handbag design that you will surely not use. That will take up space and fill your bag with unnecessary weight.


  1. Disposable tissues


One of the nice things about carrying tissues in a bag is that they're not stiff like a cell phone. You can take two or the full pack. It depends on the space. But never leave them at home. They can save you more than once. It shows that the best things to carry inside your bag are the most necessary and helpful things. Otherwise, they would be things that only take up space.


  1. Some makeup


Anscel-Some makeup

Never go without some makeup. You don't need to bring a whole kit, but you need some powder or lipstick to touch up when necessary. Although, of course, makeup is optional if you prefer to wear your face clean.


  1. Sanitizing hand gel

Since the pandemic caused by covid 19, hand sanitizing gels have become essential in our outings. It´s not necessary to carry large bottles if you use a small bag. A pocket-sized one is enough. Some current designs allow you to carry it hanging from the handles of the bag. In case it doesn’t fit inside it. But it's better if you get a compact size so that you can carry it inside your Korean handbag design.


Tips to organize your Korean handbag designs


Ancel-Tips to organize your Korean handbag designs

Korean handbag designs: what to have inside them? In the end, what we carry inside them always depends on each person. Because not all of us consider the same things necessary. Still, here are some tips for organizing your bag. To get a general idea of ​​what to have or not in your Korean handbag designs:



  • Avoid unnecessary objects

It may have been a great idea at first, but you must confess that going with a liter and a half bottle in your bag is not practical at all. Neither carrying two pens that are out of tint. Nor some dry wipes, or that bracelet that broke and you never took out of the bag. Empty the whole thing, assess, and if in doubt, take it out of the bag!


  • Regroup your things


You can use small bags to gather those things that have some similarities. For example, mobile phones and tablets, wallets, keys, or personal care products. You can also find accessories to divide your bag. In addition, you can change it from one bag to another without taking things out of it.


  • Take advantage of pockets


Anscel-Take advantage of pockets

Create a routine and always use the pockets for the same things. For example, if you always place the keys there, you will find them in a moment. And you won´t scratch the mobile screen or the glasses if they come out of the case.





Korean handbag designs: what to have inside them? Your wallet, keys, and cell phone are some basics that can't be missing in your bag. However, other elements would also be good to include in your Korean handbag design. It all depends on your needs. But in reality, organizing a bag and thinking about what you will have inside it is important. In that way, you can take care of your bag and health. After all, it´s not healthy to carry so much weight on us every day. Think carefully about what you need to carry inside your bag. You can't fill it with unnecessary things.