Anscel-Korean handbag designs: What's the best option for bags to carry in spring-summer?

Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in spring-summer 2022?

Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in spring-summer 2022? The question begins to gain strength as spring and summer approach. This season there are also new ones! Yes, although the trends established in past seasons will continue to reign. Like most classic models. Thus, the specialists propose to play with the proportions with new oversized models. But they also offer alternatives in a mini format. Such as party bags or handbags, they´re now also a perfect option to combine with daytime looks. However, there will be several alternatives for all tastes that will undoubtedly satisfy fans of all kinds of aesthetics. From the most classic to the most avant-garde. Today we´ll review some of the bags to wear in spring-summer 2022. Let's get started!


What´s the best option for bags to carry in spring-summer?

Who doesn't love bags? Well, there´s no one to say no. We wear bags at all times and places. Especially those colors that are the most combinable such as black and white. While it´s true that the best color for the spring-summer season is white, it´s also true that black is another good option. When you ask yourself "Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in spring-summer 2022?" Remember that the Korean handbag designs of the ANSCEL brand offer a collection of black bags with a timeless style. In addition to making you look radiant; they will take your look to another level. On the other hand, roomy bags are still the most practical because they fit everything you need to carry. They´re the best option if you plan to vacation during the summer.


6 types of bags that you can wear in spring-summer 2022

  1. Classic bags


Ancel- Classic Bags

Classic bags, as we already know, never go out of style. For this reason, the Korean handbag designs of the ANSCEL brand are a perfect pick throughout the year. You can use a tote bag, a clutch, a crossbody, a structured bag, and even a backpack. It all depends on the situation. In addition, these bags are so versatile that you can wear them both at night and during the day. Also, because of that, they stand out among the bags that you can use in Spring-Summer. They´re made of black leather, have excellent quality, and are a sophisticated and modern look. In addition, they have metallic details, like chains. That makes them even more perfect. They´re designed for today's women, so they adapt to any moment. Add the ANSCEL bags of your choice if you want to elevate any of your spring and summer outfits.


  1. The bucket bag


Anscel-The bucket bag

The bucket bag has been essential for years. This season it returns with more force if possible. All thanks to the big firms that rescue it in its purest version. That is to say: rigid, leather, and with a short handle to carry it. If you're wondering, yes. This bag has a style of wicker baskets. However, they´re much more sophisticated in appearance than the previous ones. Besides, its laconic structure is joined by small nods or the knotted handkerchief. These are small details in the bag that make the difference. And that´s why they´re a safe bet among the bags that you can wear in spring-summer 2022.



  1. Document bag


Anscel-Document bag

A bag that stands out among the Korean handbag designs to use in spring-summer 2022 is the document bag. This bag is rectangular, rigid, and sophisticated in appearance. It´s a cosmopolitan and practical choice that follows the brilliance of many other trends committed to extolling the working-girl look. However, this time the document bags are better armed than on previous occasions. Even while maintaining their retro aesthetic with a ladylike air. World-famous bag brands are committed to combining it with other styles, just as retro and ladylike. 


  1. Handbags


Anscel-Document bag

Although clutches are a safe bet for night events, that trend has evolved a little bit. Due to this, not only the night-outs are a special place for the clutch. Also, for our daytime looks, the rigid and predominantly square mini bag set trends for this upcoming spring-summer. Using the clutch during the day also proves that there are different ways of interpreting a classic. They, in general, bet on the color, the mini format, and the details on its handles. They're usually perfect for elevating any look (and even making it effortlessly flow from day to night).




  1. Mini bags


Ancel-Mini bags

Another type of bag that stands out among the Korean handbag designs to use in spring-summer 2022 is the mini bag. This season the trend is different though. The idea that women love to carry everything in their bags changed. For that reason, wearing mini bags during spring and summer is a good option for having a different and beautiful look. You can choose mini bags in different shapes and sizes. And although everything probably won't fit inside, they will give you your cute and stunning touch! 


If you´re going to go for a mini bag, we recommend vibrant tones such as yellow, red, or neon. Those colors seem to be unbeatable during this season. In addition, striking textures, "animal print" patterns, or metallic details are also an alternative.


  1. Heart-shaped bags


Anscel-Heart-shaped bags

Heart-shaped bags are part of the trends that will be coming strong this season. In addition, they´re a perfect romantic bet for a first date. Or even for any other time when you're feeling a little sentimental. Don't think that heart-shaped accessories are only for Valentine's Day. On the contrary, we should celebrate love every day. And there´s no better way to do it than by wearing heart-shaped clothing and accessories. For that reason, these bags are a beautiful and creative option if you want to add some cuteness to your look.




Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in spring-summer 2022? During the warmer seasons, handbags that you can wear are full of fun and vibrant style. If you want to look perfect in the months to come, add one of these bag options to your closet. They´re ideal for your spring and summer day and night looks. See you soon!