Anscel-Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in looks for mature women?

Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in looks for mature women?

Sometimes, mature women don't know how to dress according to their age. Either because they don't know what the correct elements or accessories are. Or because they believe that already at forty, they should wear granny looks. The truth is that although they will not wear twentysomething looks either, they don't have to age themselves with the clothes they wear. Remember that your style says a lot about you. Through that, you can reflect your personality and character. Maybe you´re giving the wrong image of yourself if you wear the wrong clothes and accessories. To help you fix that, today we´ll talk about


Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in looks for mature women?


We will talk about the styles that you can try if you are a grown woman and, above all, which bags to mix those styles with. Are you ready? Let's get started!


How to dress if you´re a mature woman?

Anscel-How to dress if you´re a mature woman?

When a woman reaches her forties, she goes through a particular stage. This stage is full awareness of her charm and beauty, but in which it´s convenient not to make style mistakes. A forty-year-old woman must be careful not to fall into the slovenliness and the adolescent aspect that´s out of place. For that reason, it´s essential to know how to dress at this age. And what accessories you can use to complement those looks. Before talking about Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in looks for mature women? First, we will know a series of style tips about dressing at forty years old.


  • Don´t wear necklines and skirts that are too short. Those types of garments are best for twentysomethings. At forty, it´s better to wear something more sophisticated and chicer. The grunge look doesn't work for a forty-year-old woman. It is better to leave it for the youngest, as well as daring shorts and miniskirts.


  • Beware of leather and jackets that are too short and tight. Instead of flattering your style, it could ruin it.


  • Forget ripped clothes. It's best to choose clothes without holes, whether in sweaters or rips in jeans. Classic styles are best at this stage of life.


  • You should also be careful with the teenage style. It implies the use of crop tops, ripped pants and sweaters, garments with slightly childish prints, etc.


  • Say yes to jeans. Those will be a great ally. But as we said before, it is best to choose classic style jeans.


  • A good choice is to be careful with bright colors. That doesn't mean that you will stop using them, but you should learn to mix them correctly. A safe option at this age is neutral colors.


  • It's best not to go overboard with accessories. One of the accessories that will be your best ally will be bags. The best options are bags in neutral colors and timeless styles. For example, an excellent choice is the ANSCEL brand bags. Its designs are perfect for mature women. In addition, they´re made of black leather and versatile so that you can use them on any occasion.


  • But not only classic jeans are an ally for the forty-year-old woman. The palazzos are too. For that reason, say yes to palazzo pants.


  • You should start focusing on some classic elements. That is, make sure that no basic garment is missing in your closet.


  • You must always have a suit in the closet.


Five looks for women in their forties that bags can perfect.

Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in looks for mature women? We present five looks to add the right bag to take it to another level to answer that question.

  1. Two-tone outfits


Anscel-Two-tone outfits

Of course, monochrome looks will continue to be a fashion trend for a long time to come. But the truth is that at the age of forty, almost all outfits made up of two contrasting colors are perfect. A safe bet is the most classic mix of all: black and white! We suggest that you put together several outfits in black and white, wearing black in the areas you want to lose weight or hide. And white in the areas you want to increase. You can perfect this look with any bag in neutral tones, but it´s better in black. Many of the bags you find at ANSCEL are suitable for any occasion. Choose the one you need according to the moment.



  1. Athleisure looks with tennis


Anscel-Athleisure looks with tennis

The proposal that mixes sporty elements (mainly sneakers, pants, sweatshirts, and biker shorts) with more elegant ones (such as blazers and luxurious jewelry) is not going anywhere. Much less when we´re forty years old. At that age, comfort and elegance are your best friends. You can perfect this type of combination with structured bags or crossbody. Take a look at Georgia, The Mystique, and Magnolia models from the ANSCEL brand.




  1. Scarves and headbands as accessories


Anscel-Scarves and headbands as accessories

Give a touch of chicness to your style by complementing it with colorful scarves, whether with prints, silky textures, or shiny finishes. These accessories are a total success for women 40 years of age or older. And taking advantage of the fact that scarves are very versatile, wear them around your neck. To decorate your bag, as a belt, as a bracelet, like a ribbon in your hair, or as a headband. They have many functions. If you use this accessory in an athleisure look while your clothes and your bag are neutral, that could be your touch of color.




  1. Layered outfits


Anscel-Layered outfits

If you´re a mature woman, we invite you to resort more frequently to layers. Be it the ones that serve as coats or the elegant pieces with a cape attached, from dresses to blouses. These types of looks are classic and chic. Also, you can perfect them with a clutch bag. At ANSCEL, you can find the Camelia model. We think it would look perfect with this kind of outfit.




  1. XXL dresses


Anscel-XXL dresses

One of the biggest fashion trends for women in their forties and older is long and midi dresses. We recommend you opt for fluid, colorful designs with comfortable textures. You can also achieve it with mix and match prints. Or animal print, but in unusual tones (like a leopard print in purple or red). If the garment is like this, we recommend that the accessories be as neutral and classic as possible. In that way, there will be harmony in your outfit. You can carry a structured bag or a tote bag with this dress. You can find them at ANSCEL as the Magnolia and Willow models.



Korean handbag designs: what bags to use in looks for mature women? At forty, the best bag options have a classic and timeless design. Also, those that are in neutral colors. With these bags, you can perfect many looks. Follow our advice and recommendations if you are a mature woman looking for the perfect style. See you next time!