Anscel-Korean handbag designs: tips for buying the best handbags

Korean handbag designs: tips for buying the best handbags

Sometimes, we don't know what aspect to consider when buying a bag. For that reason, we end up buying a bag that doesn't suit our needs or that distorts our look. However, don't feel bad about it. It´s a more common mistake than you can imagine. In addition, it´s not easy to choose the right bag when you have thousands of options in front of you. All of them that you would like to take home. Because we want to help you when buying your perfect bag, today we will talk about Korean handbag designs: tips for buying the best handbags. With these tips, you can buy the bag that best suits you and your goals. Are you ready? Let's get started!


9 recommendations to buy the perfect bag

  1. Buy classic style bags


Anscel-Buy classic style bags

While it's not the only thing to keep in mind, it´s something to consider. Classic style bags never go out of style. And besides that, have a sophisticated look that will enhance any of your outfits, even if not just formal. Also, if they´re black leather, that guarantees that your classic style bag will have a long life. But if you don't know which style bags to buy, we recommend ANSCEL brand bags. Their designs are timeless and chic but versatile because you can use them on any occasion. Among the classic style Korean handbag designs, these stand out quite a bit.


  1. Choose the bag according to your body


Anscel-Choose the bag according to your body

In Korean handbag designs: tips for buying the best handbags, it's best to think about your size and figure first. You have to choose a handbag with the opposite shape to your figure. If you´re a tall woman and have a figure without many curves, you can choose a large bag. But if you´re short and skinny, small bags will come in handy. Remember: thin women find curved shapes more advantageous for them. And curvy women are favored by straight bags.


  1. You have to consider the length of the bag


Anscel-You have to consider the length of the bag

Not only does the shape and size of your body matter when choosing the best Korean handbag design. The length of the bag is also significant. You should avoid using your bag, backpack, or crossbody bag at the height of the most voluminous part of your body. That way, you won't highlight that area you don't want others to notice. In addition, you need bags that offer the possibility of adjusting the height of the bag. Bags should be accessories that enhance our figure, not the other way around. 


  1. Not all bags work for the same occasion


Anscel-Not all bags work for the same occasion

It´s not the same thing as your daily routine, going to work or going to a party at night. You have to consider what occasion you need the bag for. You can wear a tote bag for office days, a crossbody, or a backpack for more casual moments. Also, a clutch for night parties, and a structured bag for the most important meetings. In the Korean handbag designs repertoire of the ANSCEL brand, you can find all these models.


  1. Color is also important


Anscel-Color is also important

Sometimes trends set striking colors or patterns. Yes, you can choose a seasonal accessory without fear. But go for neutral colors if what you´re looking for is one you can take anywhere and on any occasion. Black, beige, gray, silver, ecru, white, camel, navy blue, coffee, brown are excellent options when you buy a bag. Because they make the bags functional and versatile.


  1. Think about your style


Anscel-Think about your style

When buying a Korean handbag design, don't forget to look inside. And find out what suits you best according to your personality. There are classic bags, vintage or retro, the eighties, daring with funny shapes, elegant and minimalist, printed, modern, casual, etc. There are many bags in many colors! That´s why it´s necessary to take into account your personality. In this way, you will not leave the bag forgotten at the bottom of the closet.


  1. Think about the contrast it will make with your style


Anscel-Think about the contrast it will make with your style

If you base your choice of the bag on that it matches your look, you should also know that it´s now a trend to create a contrast between the bag and your look. If you´re passionate about 'animal print' and other prints on bags, we recommend that the clothes be in the same shade. And the shoe mix with one of the color bags. For example, if your accessory is leopard print, it would go very well with neutral-colored clothes. Like cream or beige, or dark tones, like gray and black. And the footwear could be brown or black.


  1. Pay attention to materials and finishes


Anscel-Pay attention to materials and finishes

Some women have to carry everything in their bags or backpacks to face the day. It´s the modern woman in general. If you´re one of those women, you have to make sure that the straps of the bags are thick and with well-finished seams. Also, see if you can wash them. And if you don't want to worry about washing them, leather bags are more resistant. And don't require a lot of cleaning. If you´re more of a casual person, you can choose several materials such as plastic, fabric, etc. Invest your money well according to the use you give the bag. Among the Korean handbag designs that guarantee an excellent material and finish are the ANSCEL brand bags. They´re a brilliant bet on style and quality.


  1. You must prioritize the functionality you want to give to the bag.


Anscel-You must prioritize the functionality you want to give to the bag.

You should avoid buying a bag with an infinity bottom. As you could go crazy trying to find your keys, lipstick, or wallet. To save yourself these problems, choose practical bags. A good choice can be those bags that have several compartments. Why? Because they help to organize the things you carry. One for the mobile, another for the wallet, keys, cardholder, more accessible outer bag, etc. That way, everything inside your bag will stay well organized.




Among the Korean handbag designs: tips for buying the best handbags, you can find the necessary recommendations to buy the bag that best suits your style and needs. Leave behind those moments when you couldn't decide whether to buy one bag or another. With these tips, you will get a bag and decide on it easier. Because you will know what´s ideal for you.