oreKorean handbag designs: how to use a tote bag correctly

Korean handbag designs: how to use a tote bag correctly?

Korean handbag designs: how to use a tote bag correctly? One of the bags that shouldn´t be missing in your closet is the tote bag. They´re very roomy and comfortable bags to wear. Tote bags are a classic that continues to impose themselves as one of the options that must be part of your style. The term tote comes from Old English and means "to carry." These bags began to set trends and become popular between the 1940s and 1950s. It´s a practical bag that can be your best ally on almost any occasion. For that reason, today we will talk about Korean handbag designs: how to use a tote bag correctly? That´s right. Because even if we know what a tote bag is, sometimes we don't know how to use it properly. Here we go!


Four ways to carry tote bags


Ancel-Four ways to carry tote bags

Korean handbag designs: how to use a tote bag correctly? Let that doubt no longer wander through your head. With us, you can discover how to wear a tote bag correctly. We recommend checking out the ANSCEL brand Willow model if you still don't have one. Tote bags are usually considered exclusive and trend-setting accessories, whatever the season. These have been so successful that there are many eye-catching designs out there today. The tote bag is used on different occasions. They can range from informal to casual meetings and those that deserve more formalism. How can a tote bag be used? These are the situations in which you can carry tote bags more often:


  • To go to work


Anscel-To go to work
Tote bags are perfect for work. But why? Because they can easily store all kinds of objects. In such a way that you can comfortably transport what you need for your day-to-day work without forgetting to wink at fashion. With the ANSCEL brand tote bag, you can perfect any office outfit because its design is classic and elegant.






  • For lunch or dinner with friends


When you attend a meeting with friends in a restaurant where many protocols are not required, this type of bag is perfect. The tote bag will complement your outfit very well and give it that necessary touch of style for these moments. An easy way to use the tote bag is to eat with your friends or co-workers.


  • To go shopping


Anscel-To go shopping

The tote bag is a type of bag that´s also used for shopping. It stands out, especially for the ideal complement on a shopping day. A tote bag will allow you to store small bags and have your hands free to carry larger bags. That way, making your return home more comfortable. Even the ANSCEL model is suitable for these occasions. Thanks to its black leather, you won´t only be able to shop in the best outfit. You can also do it with the certainty that your tote bag is not in danger.


  • To take a short trip


We don't just need a suitcase to carry our things when we travel. A handbag is also necessary. The tote bag can be an ally when you go on a weekend trip or a couple of days. You could even say goodbye to the suitcase and take what you need inside the tote bag. In this way, you carry everything on your shoulder without having to check in or wait in lines to store your luggage.


Five outfits that you can combine with a tote bag

You can combine the tote bag with a wide variety of outfits. With them, you can create different styles that will not go unnoticed. The tote bag can also perfect your looks, whether to go to the office, to eat with your friends, etc. The options, as we said, without many but among the main looks with these bags, we can highlight the following:


  1. Minimalist look


Anscel-Minimalist look

The minimalist look never gets old. This style isn´t only in the garments. It´s also in accessories, beauty, and even everyday life. For that reason, the minimalist style is a safe bet. You can wear a tote bag combined with jeans, a black jacket, and a white shirt. That can create a great look for a day at the office or an informal meeting. If the tote bag is black, it´s a perfect option. Because of that, the ANSCEL brand Willow model is your best chance.





  1. Basic look

If you don't have basic clothes in your closet, then you're doing something wrong. Every wardrobe must have basic garments because they are the ones that will save any look. And give it that classic touch that never fails. Also, to understand what a tote bag is, you can wear jeans with black or white basics to create simple looks, in which the piece stands out in your bag. The ANSCEL brand black leather tote bag will be the center of attention in a look like this.


  1. Animal print look

Although many are not fans of the animal print look, these patterns can be a great ally. In reality, animal print accessories allow you to enhance any look. And in addition, the prints on a tote bag go with any outfit. A leopard tote bag can be a great option, as it will stylize even the most basic looks. It´s a perfect idea if you want to go a bit out of the classic styles and add a little more fun to your accessories.


  1. Neutral look

You can try neutral colors in this look by adding a touch of color to some of your accessories. Like a scarf, for example. Neutral colors are not only a good option for bags, as is the case with the ANSCEL black tote bag. These colors also go well in an outfit for the office, shopping, etc. It´s a sophisticated look. But you can also wear it for a casual style.


Anscel-Korean handbag designs: how to use a tote bag correctly?

Korean handbag designs: how to use a tote bag correctly? You must consider the occasion and the look with which you will wear your tote bag. However, this type of bag is quite versatile. It will be a good choice at almost any time. The tote bag is part of the essential accessories that can´t be missing in your life. See you soon!