Anscel-Korean handbag designs: how to properly use a clutch bag?

Korean handbag designs: how to properly use a clutch bag?

Previously, we talked about how to use a tote bag correctly. Today, we will talk about Korean handbag designs: how to use a clutch bag properly? In this way, you will learn the correct way to use this type of bag with a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Clutch bags are compact and aesthetic. In addition, they´re a powerful basic that shouldn´t be missing in your closet. They´re the perfect handbag to go out day and night, to lunch or dinner on a date. Some don't have chains. But other models allow you to use them without them or with them. It all depends on your tastes. In the clutch bags, you can carry, in addition to your keys and cell phone, your basic makeup kit. Get ready to learn all about Korean handbag designs: properly using a clutch bag? Here we go!


How do you use a clutch bag?


Anscel-How do you use a clutch bag?

To learn about Korean handbag designs: how to use a clutch bag properly? These tips will help you to use a clutch bag more easily. Remember that if you still don't have a clutch bag in your closet, it´s time to buy one. You can review the ANSCEL brand designs. You can find models like Magnolia and Camelia. They (in addition to serving as a clutch bag) also work as a crossbody bag. Best of all, they are black and timeless classic designs.  Once you have bought your clutch bag, keep in mind the following tips when using them.



  1. Wear it on the left arm


If you want to know how to use a clutch bag properly, it´s necessary to consider where you should carry the clutch bag. Even if you're left-handed, you have to use it with your left hand. Why? Because the right hand is always busy waving. Although they are usually about the size of a postal envelope, they are sometimes larger. In those cases, place it under your left arm.

  1. Don't use them with oversize clothes


Anscel-Don't use them with oversize clothes

Not using them with oversize clothing is another important fact when it comes to how to use a clutch bag properly. The visual effect created by handbags without handles is beneficial to stylize the female silhouette. But when combined with oversize outfits, this effect disappears. So you have to prepare tight looks, at least from the waist up, because the focal point of clutch bags is at the waist.






  1. Wear it casually


Although clutch bags are known because we can use them at parties, you can also use these bags to accompany a more informal style. For that reason, clutch bags are also perfect for a day style, like going out with your friends. Denim suits them well, whether the bag tone you choose is light or dark. Also, if you add a blazer to that combination, you will achieve a dream outfit.


  1. You can match it with bracelets and rings


Anscel- You can match it with bracelets and rings

In addition to accompanying and perfecting outfits, clutch bags also look great if you combine them with other accessories. These handbags are for showing off your hands too. To stylize your fingers when you carry a clutch bag, you can go to the stackable, the trend of using several rings. Finally, finish the look by wearing thick bracelets and bangles, which are the favorite accessories of empowered women. When you want to know how to wear a clutch bag properly, take care of your hands too.


  1. You can play with textures and contrasts


If you shy away from the classic color palette, make your handbag a mark of your personality. The clutch bags in bold shades are a style statement. Remember that metallic textures always add sparkle to your image, so don't be afraid to go out of your way. But if you prefer to stay on the sure bets, that's also a great option. In that case, you could go for classic and timeless style clutch bags, such as the models you find at ANSCEL. Thanks to their versatility and functionality, these models are perfect for any occasion. 


Where do you wear a clutch bag?


Anscel-Where do you wear a clutch bag?

One of the frequent questions that arise when we want to know how to use a clutch bag properly is where to wear the clutch bag. The most common way is to carry it with your left hand, and if it´s a large clutch bag, wear it under your left arm. However, there are other ways to do it that are also suitable. Let's know what they are:


  • If you want to achieve a sophisticated look, you can hold your clutch bag with both hands. Hold your clutch bag in front of you with both hands. It´s a perfect way to hold this type of bag if you're standing still or wearing a very fancy outfit.


  • However, if the clutch bag is small and narrow, you can hold it from the end of the bag. It may be easier to grab the end rather than the top or bottom. But it all depends on the size and shape of your clutch. But be careful. If you hold it this way, be sure to hold it tight. In that way, it doesn't slip out of your fingers.


  • You can also carry the clutch bag in one hand for easy grip. It´s also one of the most traditional ways to do it. Hold the bag at the top. Do it with your thumb on one side and your other fingers on the other. This grip makes it easy to carry the clutch bag with one hand to the side so you can walk or stand more comfortably.


  • These types of bags, especially the luxury ones, should be cared for as they deserve. For that reason, if you have a clutch bag or any bag for that matter, you should avoid placing it on the floor. If you need to leave the bag, put it in a clean place. Or on a table or next to you on your chair. It's best to keep it off the floor or other dirty surfaces. In that way, it doesn't get damaged. On the other hand, if you're leaving your bag on a table or chair, make sure someone you trust is watching you while you're away. After all, a luxury bag made of black leather, such as the ANSCEL brand models, attracts attention. Try to take care of your bag.


Korean handbag designs: how to properly use a clutch bag? Carrying it with the left arm and not combining them with oversize clothes. Also, you can use them in casual moments. They are appropriate ways to use a clutch bag. We hope you feel more comfortable using a clutch bag with these tips. See you in the next blog!