Anscel - Top 5 Korean bag brands that you can’t miss this 2022

Top 5 Korean handbag brands you should know in 2022

Every year new trends appear not only regarding fashion. Recent trends in accessories also appear. For that reason, it´s reasonable we want to renew some of our bags every year. While it's best to focus on purchasing the best handbag designs to ensure quality and durability, wanting to buy one or two more handbags because you think they're pretty isn't a crime either. However, it´s a decision that you shouldn´t take lightly because even impulse purchases should have some thought behind them. Renew your closet with new bags but try to make them from the best brands and quality. To help you achieve this, today, there´s a top 5 Korean handbag brands you should know in 2022. In that way, you can meet your goals and take your closet to a new level this year. Keep reading!


Top 5 Korean bag brands that you can’t miss this 2022

Before starting this top 5 Korean handbag brands you should know in 2022, we want to clarify that the brands mentioned are just some of the many you should know. Korean bag brands design products with a sophisticated look and style, so they´re well worth checking out. But we have reduced the list to only five of them because they are the ones that stand out the most this year, thanks to their versatility and functionality. Learn with us about these Korean handbag brands you should know in 2022:




Anscel - Top 5 Korean bag brands that you can’t miss this 2022 - Anscel

To start this list of Korean handbag brands, you should know in 2022. We have the Korean handbag brand ANSCEL. It´s an emerging brand that little by little make a space for itself in the market thanks to its classic and timeless designs. Designer Cecilia Cho, a Korean living in Canada, started her Korean handbag brand after a life-changing event. The brand aims to create functional, practical, yet stylish bags for the modern woman. They´re bags that stand out because they are made of leather resistant to water. All this since they are designed with the best Korean technology and the best American leather. 


In addition, all their bags are versatile because you can use them on any occasion, and they will perfect almost any look. If you want a bag option that will never go out of style, is durable and practical, ANSCEL brand bags will be your best bet. In the catalog, you can find several available designs with their specifications. The only thing we warn you about is that you should be prepared when you see the models because you will surely want to take them all home. They´re beautiful and practical! 




Anscel - MARHEN.J

The second place in this list of Korean handbag brands you should know in 2022 goes to MARHEN.J. Did you know that this Korean bag brand was founded by the creative director of the famous K-Pop groups Twice and TVXQ? Yes! That´s how it is. MARHEN.J is one of the most popular Korean bag brands right now, thanks to the quality and beauty of its designs. MARHEN.J bags hit the sweet spot between minimalist and chic. Because of that, it´s no wonder that many K-Pop artists (as other celebrities) are sporting MARHEN.J bags as a fashion accessory. People who see that are drawn to it and want to give the brand a chance.


If you love minimalist and versatile design bags, in addition to ANSCEL brand bags, MARHEN.J bags are also a great choice. You can mix these Korean bags with both casual and formal outfits. They´re perfect for the 21st-century fashionista. Plus, many of the designs also feature convenient storage compartments for your laptop, documents, umbrella, makeup, water bottle, and more. They are also bags resistant to water and other damage.




Anscel - KOIMOOI

Leaving minimalist and versatile designs aside, third place on this list of Korean handbag brands you should know in 2022 goes to a brand with slightly more daring designs. If you love to experiment with eccentric designs, the KOIMOOI brand is one of the best Korean bag brands. It fits very well with your goals. In the brand name, there´s a message that invites women to develop in an environment without limitations. KOIMOOI Korean bags stay true to their motto by offering a variety of designs, from colorful to more neutral options to choose from. One of the biggest successes of this brand is the mini bag model. It was such a popular design that even some idols wore it.





Alice Marthe takes fourth place in Korean handbag brands you should know in 2022. Going back to the classics, this brand reminds us that one of the latest current trends is about going back to the basics. That can translate to clean lines and attractive solid colors. If you're someone who still wears bold and eye-catching prints, you can take a break from them and carry a bag with a more neutral style. You can choose a model from the ANSCEL brand. Or a model from the Alice Martha brand. Either one is a safe bet. Alice Martha is also well-known as a Korean brand of handbags for ladies. 


One of the best-selling bags of this brand is called Alice Martha Rosie. It´s a simple but highly functional model. Also, unzipping the magnetic closure on it reveals a roomy main compartment. There you can carry daily essentials, such as makeup, keys, or even a bottle of water. As with the ANSCEL brand, Alice Martha's reasonable prices are a real opportunity that no woman should miss.





The last place on this list of Korean handbag brands you should know in 2022 is the Find Kapoor brand. In addition to making excellent quality products, Find Kapoor is one of the best-designed Korean bag brands. Many claim that their products look more like a work of art than an accessory. That, of course, increases its value. The brand achieves that by mixing classic elements with modern elements. In that way, you create original designs that everyone likes. Find Kapoor experiments with colors and patterns in a risky and successful way. Thanks to that, the bags of this brand are works of art and unconventional pieces dedicated to the modern woman. Experimenting with colors and patterns, Find Kapoor bags are masterpieces for the modern woman.


The Korean handbag brands you should know in 2022 will help you expand your options if you want to buy new luxury handbags. These brands offer classic and timeless designs. But also, slightly more daring and avant-garde designs. All are good options if you want bags of excellent quality and design that fit at any time of your day or for special occasions.