How to take care of your luxury handbag?

How to take care of your luxury handbag?

How to take care of your luxury handbag? It´s true that when we buy a luxury handbag, we´re investing. Why? Because we buy a quality product which durability is assured. But even if the product is made of excellent material and ensures a long life, it must be properly cared for. So how to take care of your luxury handbag? To extend the life of a luxury and leather bag, follow some easy tips that we will present to you this time. Remember that a luxury bag offers the best quality. But that doesn't mean that you should neglect the product and let it fall victim to dust and dirt. Also, you can help your bag have a longer life if you take good care of them. Stay with us and discover how to take care of your luxury bag.


How long do luxury handbags last?

How long do luxury handbags last?

If the leather of the bag is natural, that will guarantee durability. Natural leather is one of the materials that best withstand the passage of time. And because of that, a leather handbag can continue to look good three years after its purchase. But if the leather is synthetic, it will begin to deteriorate with use much earlier. However, if you take good care of your bag, it could stay in good condition for up to 30 years. For that reason, the care you give to a luxury bag will also determine its years of life.


How do you take care of a luxury bag?


Although the quality of luxury bags is indisputable, it´s best to give them good care to help them last longer. The ANSCEL brand bags, for example, are luxurious, and their material allows them to be waterproof and scratch-resistant. They´re made with the best Korean technology, so they´re perfect if you need a quality and beautiful designer bag. Still, the most appropriate thing is that you also know how to take care of it. So that you extend its life even more. Then, how to take care of your luxury handbag? Here are some tips to do it right:


  • Keep it in its original cotton cover and insert paper stuffing inside to maintain its shape. But never newsprint or magazine paper, as they could leave a stain. Also, don't put the luxury handbag in one of those plastic grocery bags, as that won´t let it breathe.


  • Keep it in a dry and dark place, and don't expose it to direct sunlight. That could wear down its color.


  • If you keep the bag in a damp closet, air it every so often to stop possible mold growth. Don't throw away the little silica gel bags that the manufacturer usually incorporates to avoid that too. They prevent the bag from getting wet. But if unfortunately, your bag has gotten moldy, take it out of the dust bag. Then, wipe it with a very soft, dry cloth and let it air out completely for 24 hours. Buying a dehumidifier would be a great way to prevent mold growth in both your bags and clothes.


  • Use a dry cotton cloth to remove dust from the surface.


  • Be careful not to handle the bag with dirty hands or with cream or oil.


  • Try not to fill it out. It could break the handles of the bag or deform it.


  • Be very careful when using a colored leather handbag. The leather dye can drain and stain the entire product when it comes in contact with clothing or a wet surface.


How can I protect my designer handbags?


How can I protect my designer handbags?

As extra and general care, there are other tips you can follow to take care of your designer bag. Put into practice the following 5 tips and see how your luxury bag lasts much longer than estimated:


  • When you're in a restaurant, usually most of us get our fancy handbags on the floor. That´s a practice we should avoid doing unless the bag comes with metallic support.  Instead, buy a portable bag hanger. These attach to a table where you can hang your bag. Or you can just hang it to the side of the chair. If you´re traveling, try to have the original cover. That way, when your bag goes through a security check, the leather is not exposed to the dirty conveyor belt.


  • If you want to consider selling the bag later, maintaining your beloved bags becomes even more significant. After purchasing a purse, it can be tempting to open the box, throw away the tissue paper, and lose your receipt. But it's essential to keep all of these items together if you want to get the best resale value. Buyers can dismiss collectible bags with substantial condition issues and missing items. That makes it hard to sell your designer bag.


  • One of the best ways to take care of your luxury bag is to look for a good bag specialist. So they perform general maintenance on it. You can ensure and extend the life and resale value of your luxury handbag in that way.


  • If the luxury handbag has a water stain, you should let it dry naturally. But in the case of severe stains, it´s best to take it directly to a professional. However, you can save yourself this problem if you buy a waterproof luxury bag. ANSCEL's bags withstand water damage. On the other hand, for minor marks on a suede bag, we recommend using a white eraser. You can try an inconspicuous corner of the bag first, just to see if it doesn't spoil the color of the suede.


  • For roomy bags, use a purse organizer. If makeup or pens are opened by mistake, they can ruin the inside of your bag. Because of that, it´s best to use a small cosmetic bag to store liquid items. Also, you can't overfill your bag. If you do, it will not only distort the shape, as we mentioned before. It will also damage the leather.


How to take care of your luxury handbag?

How to take care of your luxury handbag? The best thing you can do to take care of your handbags is to keep them in a dry place, try to keep them in their original cover, and not place them on the floor. They´re one of the many cares you should give to your luxury bag to extend its life. Also, remember that even if the bag is of good quality. You can make its life more durable if you take proper care of it. Buy your luxury bag and take care of it thinking about what it cost and what it means to you. See you soon in the next blog!