How to properly use a black handbag?

How to properly use a black handbag?

Don't worry anymore if you have a black handbag and don't know how to use it. There are many ways to carry a black bag while still looking great. But how to properly use a black handbag? 


Some time ago, fashion told us that the bag, the shoes, and the belt had to be the same color. If that trio was different, we were not in style. But, luckily, things changed. There´s no longer a need to combine the bag with those other elements. Because a good handbag should contribute to the harmonious versatility of an outfit. Stay with us to better discover how to properly use a black handbag. Today we bring you tips to carry a black bag according to your style.


Are black bags the best option?


Are black bags the best option?

Yes, black bags are usually the best option. But that´s not to say that bags in bright and colorful tones are not suitable. It´s just because classic and neutral-colored bags, such as black bags, allow greater freedom when dressing. In Korean fashion, many women prefer to wear bright colors in clothing. In that way, they reserve black for the handbag. It´s not always the case, especially because each woman, wherever they are, has a very different style from another. But when it comes to trends, things tend to be like this.


If you want to show off a look the right way, don't turn aside attention to one of the accessories. If your outfit has light colors, reserve the dark one for the bag or vice versa. In these cases, black bags are perfect allies. In addition, you have to remember that the black color is synonymous with elegance. The ANSCEL bags, made by the Korean designer in Canada Cecilia Cho, are evidence that luxury black bags are elegant. But they can also be perfect for more casual moments. A black handbag like those of the ANSCEL brand is what every woman needs. They´re versatile, of high quality, and have beautiful designs. Those are the best option.


Can you wear a black bag with everything?


Yes, usually, you can: a black bag can go with everything. Black has long been a favorite classic color because it goes with anything. When choosing a black bag, pick a style that allows you to wear it with business or casual outfits. That´s the type of handbag you need to have in your closet. You can also choose a versatile black bag.  One that you can wear on the shoulder, across the body, or as a handbag.


The Camellia and Georgia bags are among the options that ANSCEL offers you. You can carry them on the shoulder, as a handbag, or as a crossbody bag. As extra information, you must know that although a black bag combines perfectly with everything, with some colors, they´re better. The most indicated are red, gray, gold, silver, white, and pastel tones. For that reason, black handbags are one of the favorites in Korean fashion. They love to dress in those colors. That also allows them to reserve black for their bags or other accessories.


3 tips to properly dress with a black bag



3 tips to properly dress with a black bag

When it comes to wearing a black bag correctly, you should not forget these tips. They will help you think better about the outfits you want to combine with your black luxury bag.


  1. All-black, all-white, or monochrome outfits look best with a black bag because the bag will match the style and stand out in a chic way.
  2. Clothing in bright, light colors and pastel shades can make a black handbag look better.
  3. If you don't like all of the above-mentioned, but you love wearing a black handbag, you'd better focus on accessories. Flashy and fun jewelry will always make an outfit look more elegant and sophisticated. That includes your black handbag.

How do you wear a black bag?

We will present you with outfit ideas that you can recreate by carrying a black ANSCEL brand bag. It will be easier to explain with these outfits how to properly use a black handbag now that you know the tips. These outfits take inspiration from Korean fashion. If you´re a fan of that style, they will come in handy for you.


  1. Casual for everyday life
Casual for everyday life

If you need a look that you can wear every day, it´s better to choose a comfortable casual look. But at the same time, it must remain chic and feminine. You can wear denim jeans with a short-sleeved white blouse. If you can wear baggy jeans instead of the skinny jean, it will be much better. It will add volume and pizzazz to the look. Also, you can wear bright-colored tennis shoes to accompany it. They could be orange or yellow, depending on your preference. 


You could also add a bucket hat in a color that contrasts with the color of the shoes. If the footwear is orange, the bucket hat can be dark green. Finally, add a black handbag that allows you to have that sophisticated touch in the look. You could use the ANSCEL brand The Mystique bag. If you want to, you can wear it with a casual look or with a more elegant one thanks to its design. For that reason, it looks good if you incorporate it into an everyday outfit like this.


  1. Elegant and minimalist


It doesn't mean that you can't wear a look in neutral colors while the bag is the same tone. Yes, even if Korean fashion tends to wear colors in clothes and reserve the black color for the bag. For that reason, for an elegant and sophisticated look, you can wear long and black pants with a high cut. A classic black crop-top, and black heels as well. To give the pants an extra touch, add a black belt. Finally, don't forget the star of the outfit: your black handbag. On this occasion, you could use the Camellia bag from ANSCEL. You can carry it a shoulder bag, as a clutch bag, or crossbody due to its versatility.


  1. Cozy, sophisticated, and chic


Cozy, sophisticated, and chic

When wondering how to properly use a black handbag, keep this in mind. One of the best ways to do it is by thinking that less is more. An outfit that meets these characteristics can be a long suede fabric dress with a turtleneck and long sleeves. These types of dresses are ideal for colder times. So taking advantage of the fact that it is still winter, you could wear this dress with great confidence. If you use it in a bright color, like burgundy red, it would be the most suitable. In that way, you will also be giving prominence to your black handbag.



On this occasion, you could accompany this outfit with the Magnolia bag from the ANSCEL brand. Thanks to its big size and handles, it will not only be another accessory in your look. It will also be helpful to you wherever you go. Complement the outfit with heels that are not too high.


  1. Casual and elegant at the same time


If you´re looking for an outfit that will help you go out with your friends. But that´s also practical to go to the office, you can try this combination. Wear denim jeans and add a light or pastel oversized long-sleeved top. Or if you prefer, it can be a simple blouse, or you can add a blazer. Also, you can wear sneakers with this outfit or heels, all depending on your choice. What will make this outfit versatile is the oversize blouse or blazer. You can use the Georgia bag from the ANSCEL brand. To add that versatile bag that allows you to show off your look on any occasion. How to properly use a black handbag? That is one of the best ways to do it.


How to properly use a black handbag? The best way to do it is by mixing it with outfits with bright, light, or pastel tones. In this way, the bag will have the distinction it deserves. Especially, if it´s a versatile bag that you can use in casual moments and the most elegant ones. For that, ANSCEL brand bags are the best option you can find. See you in the next blog!