How many handbags does a woman need?

How many handbags does a woman need?

How many handbags does a woman need? If we ask a group of friends, the answer is most likely thousands. But in reality, is not like that. Far from desire, temptation and fashion, today we will tell you how many handbags you need to have in your closet to face any situation. Although it´s easy to feel tempted to have endless bags. The truth is that the best thing you can do is to have only a few, the most necessary. If you get carried away by believing that you need thousands, you´ll probably end up buying all of them and none. Why? Because among your options, there will not be the ideal one for every moment. In the end, you will return to the starting point. Stay with us and discover how many handbags a woman needs to have!



How many handbags should women have?


How many handbags should women have

Only the necessary ones! The truth is, it´s a bad idea to spend so much money on many bags. When most of them may not be suitable. The smartest thing is to have four bags in classic colors, bags for the day, night, special events, and also sports. Buying only those will be a good investment, and they will also be enough.



How much does the average woman spend on handbags?


It´s difficult to determine how much a woman should spend on a handbag. It all depends on the possibilities of it. What´s best is not to be swept by a temptation if there are more important things to pay for. But, if you can afford it, you can spend as much money as you want on handbags. A better idea is to buy luxury handbags as they have more durability.


How many handbags do I really need?



It´s said that there must be at least three handbags in a female closet. But how many handbags does a woman need? 


To have the essential bags, you should have a small bag for walking or for an evening look.  Also, a medium-size bag for short business trips, to work or school. And finally, a large bag for long trips or shopping. Yet, if you still don't know how many handbags you need, here are some tips that will be useful when choosing them:


  • Handbags are a significant part of our accessories. With them, we can lift, highlight, and categorize. We can even ruin our outfits if we don´t wear the right one. The occasion is so important; whether if it´s the day or night if the bag is trendy, or to go to work. This add-on will be the ideal complement to perfect our look. If you have a solid taste, you could take a look through the ANSCEL website. And see all the variety of handbags that this Korean designer in Canada makes. There are handbags for every occasion. Also, when you buy them, you not only acquire the product. You buy quality since they are luxury bags.


  • If it´s a handbag for the day, we recommend a more functional bag, which is practical and large. But always according to your silhouette. If it´s for work, it should be classic and black. For example, the ANSCEL Magnolia bag is perfect for day and work. The bag is made of black leather, is large, and has classic and discreet decorations. In addition, it´s comfortable to carry thanks to its design.


  • For the night, we recommend the handbag-type clutch. They´re the most suitable because you will only take the minimum and essential. These bags don´t have handles, so you will have them in your hand. But if this option is uncomfortable for you, you can opt for a small bag with a chain. But you can mix these handbags into one! That's how it is. In ANSCEL, you find the Camelia bag. This one also includes a chain that will allow you to tie it to your hand. Or cross it and wear it on your body. It´s very functional and beautiful. It works for a night out, but also a day walk. They´re made from black leather and have a timeless design. Something that never goes out of style. 


  • For parties, you can play with colors, applications, embroidery, etc. But always keep your outfit in mind. Remember that the more loaded the dress, the simpler the bag should be or vice versa. Don´t lose the elegance and balance! If you wear soft colors, bet on that "touch" of color in your handbag.  It´s also a perfect idea if the bag matches with a necklace.


What color handbag should every woman have?

Besides the question, how many handbags does a woman need, it´s also necessary to ask what color should they be? 


The ideal is to have a black handbag, a camel color, a white and a nude one. We´re all for the neutral colors. Still, it´s possible to add bags in bright tones as long as their design suits your needs and your outfits. These are some bags that shouldn´t be missing from your wardrobe in the colors we already mentioned:


A top handle bag


The design and practicality of a top handle bag make it a classic choice. For that reason, it can also be an everyday bag. You should find one in a neutral color, in a size that´s large enough to hold your essentials. And all, with these handbags, you can also keep your hands free if you buy a model with a shoulder strap. For instance, you can buy the Willow handbag from ANSCEL. A luxury black canvas bag. Its design is minimalist and has a leather handle for durability.


Shoulder bag for the night



Shoulder bag for the night

It is your bag for a night in the city. The bag should be large enough to hold your keys, wallet, and makeup. But not so much because it becomes a nuisance. For this option, the ANSCEL brand of  Korean designer Cecilia Cho offers the Georgia bag.  It is black leather and has a timeless design. Because of that, it is perfect for the day too. It is pretty, but it is also practical.


Fashion backpack


This type of bag is always useful. Backpacks are a modern way to incorporate bolder colors, fabrics, and finishes into your everyday look. And they´re generally affordable. They´re also a great way to distribute weight evenly on your back. If you want a luxury backpack that guarantees practicality and style, we recommend the Jupiter backpack from the ANSCEL brand. It´s made of black leather, with the ideal size and resistance. It will make you look fashionable even in the most casual moments.


A designer bag



A designer bag

Designer bags will always be a safe bet. Why? Because they´re beautiful, durable, and resistant designs. Buying designer and luxury bags is always a good investment. The price may be very high. But to pay that price is to invest in a product that may last you for years. For that reason, we recommend ANSCEL brand bags. Korean designer Cecilia Cho is in charge of creating the most beautiful and practical bags from Canada. You have to get one of her creations, and you´ll see how your closet will thank you.



How many handbags does a woman need? If you want a closet with the ideal handbags, you only need handbags in classic colors. You need bags for the day, night, and parties. Adding a backpack will help too. You don't need thousands. How many handbags do you have? How many would you like to have? Tell us in the comments. See you in the next blog!