Anscel - How to combine Canadian bags with shoes?

How to combine Canadian bags with shoes?

How to combine Canadian bags with shoes? A few years ago, the only golden rule to mixing accessories was that the bag and shoes had to match. It was easy and simple, and it helped us not to complicate our lives with impossible outfits you don't finish looking good when you look in the mirror. But times have changed. And with it, freedom has come into fashion.


Also, let's face it, a bag or shoes in a bright or neutral color can elevate any dull look. But not everything is joy and fun. Why? Because some small unwritten rules will help us make the whole set harmonious. Because, as in everything, the excess is also wrong.


So, if you want to discover how to combine Canadian bags with shoes, stay with us!

5 tips you need to follow if you want to combine your Canadian luxury bags with shoes

When you buy your Canadian luxury bags from the ANSCEL brand, you buy a versatile bag. One that you can use with any other garment and accessory. However, we usually have problems combining our bags with our shoes regardless of the bag design we use. Whether you've purchased an ANSCEL brand tote, clutch, crossbody, or backpack, these tips will come in handy to mixing your Canadian luxury bags with your shoes. You can say goodbye to a wasted time when you get dressed and can't get the clothes and elements to create the perfect look. Keep reading and discover those tips that will help you know how to combine Canadian bags with shoes!





Do you want to know how to combine Canadian bags with shoes? The first thing you should consider is to have similar bags and shoes. They don't have to be the same, but they have to be similar. In other words, if we carry an animal print bag, brown or black shoes will be our best allies. Or if, for example, you wear nude or red shoes, you will put the icing on the cake with some details of the same color on your bag. 


If you are carrying a bag with a timeless design, for example, the ANSCEL brand tote bag, you can combine it with heels in a lighter neutral color, such as camel, beige, or even white. However, if you want to add a little more color to one of the accessories, you can always choose silver or gold shoes, depending on the color of the bag chain. That is also an excellent reference, although many do not believe it.





When you learn how to combine Canadian bags with shoes, you should consider the bag and the shoes' texture. Why? Because wearing the same texture will make you look round, dull, and without grace. If, for example, you wear split leather or suede shoes, make sure the bag is of the same material. These little details will mark the distinction. If you are carrying a black leather bag (like the ANSCEL brand models), it is best to wear leather shoes too. Not exactly also black leather, but leather or a similar material. This way, your outfit will be uniform, and a sophisticated and expensive look will elevate your appearance.





Size matters? Yes, it does matter! Especially when we talk about how to combine Canadian bags with shoes. But why should you consider size? Because this rule takes reference from the visual weight and will give balance to your figure. In other words, if you carry a maxi bag, make sure that the shoes are discreet, such as ankle boots or flat shoes. But if you use a handbag, put on some high heels. That way, you will be ready to succeed.


In short, distribute the visual weight and try to make only one of the two stand out. For example, if you use the clutch and crossbody bag models of the ANSCEL brand, you can wear the high heels of your choice. However, if you opt for the black canvas tote bag, it is best to wear low shoes. Some sneakers are also a good option. In this way, your look will be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.




How to combine Canadian bags with shoes? A suitable way to do it is with tennis. Sports shoes are a trend, but more than one doesn't know what to combine them with. If you are one of those people, don't worry. Today, we will tell you how to do it. First, you need backpacks, sack bags, or crossbody bags. It is the best key to combining bags with tennis. In this way, you will get that informal and comfortable look you were looking for your day-to-day. 


However, remember that by adding a blazer and a few essential accessories, you can elevate this type of combination to make it a good option for going to the office. But in general, sneakers go well with those bags and with almost any clothing you decide to wear. When we talk about versatility, not only ANSCEL brand bags, raise their hands. So do tennis shoes too!





And to finish with these tips to know how to combine Canadian bags with shoes, we have elegant looks. If you have an event and you still haven't decided on the accessories, don't worry, because we have the solution. You have to use a handbag with a short handle and pointe shoes. Remember, less is more. That rule also applies when you must choose and combine accessories.


If you buy the ANSCEL brand clutch bag, you can mix it with pointed heels in the color of your choice. Although of course, if they are also black, they will make a perfect match and, above all, very elegant. Black is the color of elegance par excellence. And since it is easy to mix it with other colors, you can always wear a black bag and heels with a white or red dress if you want to be more daring. You can add accessories to your elegant look if you want to spice it up a bit. Use accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and rings. You can even wear some fancy sunglasses.

How to combine Canadian bags with shoes? You should consider the texture, size, and similarity between both elements. You should also know that it is possible to mix bags with sneakers and the most elegant looks. If you want to leave the problems because you don't know how to mix these elements, these tips will make your life easier. Put them into practice, and you will see how your relationship with clothes improves. See you soon!