Canadian luxury handbag designs: bags according to your personality

Canadian luxury handbag designs: bags according to your personality

Canadian luxury handbag designs: bags according to your personality. Did you know that a bag says a lot about you? Like clothes, accessories say a lot about you as they are essential for style and outfits. Especially the bags. Everything you wear is an extension of your personality, and that´s why you should always try to wear the right one. But which one is the right one? The one that best suits you and your needs. Not the one everyone is using because it is a trend. In addition, the habit of carrying absolutely everything inside the bag was left behind. Maybe all this started from a desperate need to carry personal belongings.  

And although it is important, today, for us modern women, carrying a bag, as well as being a necessity, complements our outfit. It is necessary to consider carefully which handbag best suits our personality. If you want to know which bag fits you the most, stay to know about the Canadian luxury handbag designs: bags according to your personality.


Five types of bags according to your personality

There are many bags that you can wear. They adapt to the lifestyles of today's women. Because of that, today, you can get to know the Canadian luxury handbag designs: bags according to your personality. You can decide which bag is perfect for you by getting to know it. And which one best suits the needs or moments you have to attend to. Discover these five bags for five personalities.





A type of oversize bag is roomy, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion. This type of bag is ideal for women who like to be in control. If you have a controlling personality, the oversize bag is your best option among the bags according to your personality. That's right, although, ironically, diving into an oversized handbag may seem like a complete mess, it will not be that way for the owner. A good option in an oversize bag is the tote bag. Although not all of them are very large, they´re all roomy and allow you to carry many things in them. 


Also, if you know how to choose the ideal, you can use this bag for formal or more casual moments. If you need a tote bag because your personality is controlling and you need a roomy bag, at ANSCEL, there is a perfect opinion for you. And that´s the Willow model, and it is the ideal canvas tote bag for any moment. This bag has a sophisticated style, and its quality is excellent. It is the right tote bag for the modern woman who needs everything in order.





Do you think that less is more? In that case, the ideal bag for you among the bags according to your personality is the clutch bag. Why? Because a woman who wears a clutch knows that she doesn't need many accessories to complement her look. Nor of many things to have a good life. You may be wondering, "Aren't these bags just for parties?" Today, clutch bags elevate any style. You can wear it at important events like parties or gatherings. But you can also wear them in your day-to-day to add a sophisticated touch to your casual look. If you still don't have the ideal clutch bag, you can find it at the ANSCEL brand. The Camelia model is a perfect clutch that can also be a crossbody bag. They are versatile, timeless, and have beautiful details that perfect the design.





This bag is ideal for people with calm and relaxed personalities. While the clutch could also suit this personality, the crossbody is also a great option. If a girl wears a crossbody, she leads a simple lifestyle and, at the same time, maybe a little hectic. Its chain leaves her hands free to take care of her other things because she is a woman who likes to carry out different activities. They are comfortable bags and, above all, very casual. They are bags that can accompany you every day. If you consider that this option among the bags according to your personality is perfect, you should review the ANSCEL models. Among the crossbody bags you can choose from are The Mystique and Camelia models. The best of all is that you can use them in the most casual moments. But also, in the most formal ones, thanks to their versatility.




Do you have a carefree personality? Then pay attention to this option among the bags according to your personality. If you are a person who lives without caring about anything or who cares little about the rest, your ideal bag is the backpack. The carefree woman is very self-assured and believes that an accessory like a bag shouldn't mean anything about her. Yet she does, and oddly enough, she chooses super-chic designs on what she would call a 'backpack.’ This person is practical but cautious and carries everything you can imagine in the backpack. From the most basic like your cell phone, wallet, and cosmetics, to energy bars and a bottle of water. 


Gone is the idea that backpacks are only helpful for students. Why? Because thanks to these types of people, the backpack has a presence like any other bag in a person's modern life. If you still feel that you do not have the right backpack, you can check out the Jupiter model from the ANSCEL brand. It is made of black leather, with a classic style and a sophisticated and casual design at the same time. That means it's perfect for any casual occasion where you want to wear a comfortable outfit with a touch of elegance.





Although there is not much difference between the controlling personality and this one, the organized ones try to carry what is strictly necessary. According to your personality, the perfect option is the structured one among the bags. Thanks to their shape, these bags are ideal for carrying only what is required in the most organized way of all because they will surely keep everything in its place. If you still don't have a structured bag, the ANSCEL brand has an option for you. It is the Magnolia model. Insurance adapts to your needs. In addition, it is impossible not to fall in love with its appearance and design.


What does a black purse say about you?

Anscel-What does a black purse say about you?

If your personality already matches one of those already mentioned, and you know what bag you can use, now let's talk about color. All ANSCEL brand bags are made of black leather. Are they the best option? Actually, yes. They are. Why? Because a black bag also says a lot about you. It says that you are a person with a sense of confidence. In addition, it shows that you are someone with a classic and elegant style. For that reason, black bags are perfect if you are a lover of accessories with a timeless and versatile style.


Knowing the Canadian handbag designs: bags according to your personality will help you perfect your style. You should not only worry about the clothes of your outfit. You should also consider the accessories carefully because they give an extra touch to your outfit. Just like clothes, they also speak a lot about you. Try to choose the one that best suits your personality. In that way, you can better reflect on who you are through it.