Anscel - 5 Canadian luxury bag designs you need to have this summer

5 Canadian luxury bag designs you need to have this summer

We all have a favorite bag that is the one we use practically every day. However, with good weather, we want to change the quintessential accessory to a more summery style or at least one that has a versatile style. Although colorful bags invade the streets once temperatures rise, some other models and styles are also stunning for your summer outfits. For example, timeless style bags are perfect to wear with any style and outfit. They fit perfectly with any look and in any season. Having this type of bag in your closet is the wisest style decision you can make. With them, you can elevate your summer style without much effort. Timeless bags add a sophisticated style to your look. For that reason, today, we present the 5 Canadian luxury bag designs you need to have this summer. Let's get started!


5 types of Canadian luxury bags you should add to your closet this summer


Summer is the time for accessories. And although sunglasses and scarves grab all the headlines, bags are also a great ally in creating looks. Dressing well is always a good decision, even in summer when the heat is often inclement. In addition, the changes of the season don't mean we should stop dressing appropriately and with a unique style.


That's why the heat doesn't stop you! Take to the streets with your best clothes and surprise everyone thanks to your perfect style. And if you need accessories to perfect any look, we recommend you consider the Canadian luxury bag designs of the ANSCEL brand. They are perfect for any season, thanks to their classic and timeless style.




Anscel - TOTE BAG

The first bag to arrive at these Canadian luxury bag designs you need to have this summer is the tote bag. Tote bags are of environmentally friendly recycled textiles such as cotton. And they are commonly used to make cloth bags that have become very fashionable because they are versatile and practical. These bags can be washed as easily as any garment, and their strong stitching made with sewing machines is the fundamental strength of the ecological bags or tote bags.


But what exactly is a tote bag? Any large bag could receive this name? A tote bag must have a horizontal shape and have two pretty long handles that allow the arms to move easily. It must be made from flexible leather of any composition, a material that ultimately adapts to the number of objects in the bag. In the ANSCEL brand, you find the Willow model available. It is black canvas, spacious, comfortable, and elegant classic style. It will enhance any of your summer outfits.





The second bag of these Canadian luxury bag designs you need to have this summer is the crossbody bag. If we think about the top pieces essential for this season, when it comes to bags, the kings are the medium, small crossbody bags with thin and long straps or chains that cross or fall from the shoulders to the height of the hip.


They are the indisputable trend that many of us have already adopted. One thing to keep in mind is that these bags are made to be at hip height. Cross-body bags add volume by falling directly on this part of the body. If you want to carry one of these bags, try shortening its strap or chain. In the ANSCEL brand, you get several models of crossbody bags and some clutches you can transform into a crossbody bag.





The third bag among these Canadian luxury bag designs you need to have this summer is the backpack. Thanks to the different formats, colors, and fabrics, the offer is infinite, which is why the classic backpack has become a most versatile element. It is perfect to wear in any situation.


One point in favor of this trend is that it is a very comfortable bet, where – unlike the bag – it is possible to put all the essentials of our day-to-day without having to worry about space. A backpack will be your best ally if you go on a summer trip. You can purchase the Jupiter model in the ANSCEL web catalog.





We continue with this list of Canadian luxury bag designs you need to have this summer the crossbody bag with the structured bag. It does not matter if the bag is large or small, with a shoulder strap or a short handle. The important thing is that it has structure. It is one of the types of bags that people bet on for this spring-summer season.


Remember that structured bags are all those that do not deform when you put your belongings in them. They are bags that always retain their shape, which is why they are more resistant. Luckily, ANSCEL brand bags have excellent quality, so they don't deform and keep their design no matter what.





And finally, among these Canadian luxury bag designs you need to have this summer is the crossbody bag, we have the clutch bag. Clutch bags or jewel bags are smaller than normal, which we call a mini bag. Although some people attribute the term clutch only to party bags, the truth is that this name is for all kinds of handbags with very varied materials and finishes. 


If you are looking for a fashion accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit, the clutch will be your best ally. Opting for a clutch bag will turn your look into a style lesson. But not only does it have a place on the most special occasions, but you can also use it for other more common activities such as going out to dinner with your friends or the movies. They are also perfect to use in summer. At ANSCEL, you get several clutch bag models that can also transform into crossbody bags.


The Canadian luxury bag designs you need to have this summer are the perfect bag for you to look spectacular this summer. Not everything depends on the clothes you wear. Handbags also play a significant role. So, if you want to perfect your summer looks, do not forget to add one of these models to your closet.