Can luxury handbags be versatile

Can luxury handbags be versatile


 Can luxury handbags be versatile? Handbags are an element that, in addition to making your days easier by carrying your essentials away from home. They help you to transmit elegance, style, and originality. Remember that the charm is not in the accessories but in how you wear them. But can luxury handbags be versatile? Yes, they can be. If you´re a luxury bags lover, remember that even if you have a classic bag that you don't want to change, the idea is to have versatile and innovative designs. ANSCEL, Cecilia Cho's brand, a Korean designer in Canada, has such designs. Today, we want to show you a selection of women's bags that you should have if you want luxury but also versatile bags. Keep scrolling down!


5 Types of most versatile and chic luxury bags


What woman doesn´t like to steal glances? Believe it or not, carrying a suitable bag is one of the keys to expressing your personality. Here are the best options in bags to accompany all kinds of outfits. With these bags, you will no longer wonder "Can luxury handbags be versatile?" because you can see from experience that they can be.



 Tote bags
  1. Tote bags


Tote bags are medium-large and usually have two short handles to carry them by hand. Although some models also have a third, longer one that allows you to wear them on the shoulder. They generally don't have a flap, and their shape is usually rectangular or square. But don't confuse them with shopping bags. Tote bags have a much more chic air. Its advantage over other types of bags is its great capacity. They´re big, but that doesn't mean that they lose style. That doesn't mean that they should come out of the closet only on the occasions when we dress casually neither. 



The truth is that their design brings them closer and closer to daily occasions. From informal ones to the most special moments. You can find the Willow tote bag among the options that ANSCEL offers you. It´s roomy, made of leather, has a sophisticated appearance, and is versatile.



You can wear them to go to work. Because that's something you do every day, you need a complement capable of housing all kinds of things. Your wallet, mobile, keys, makeup, a small diary, a pen, etc. You can also use them to go shopping. This type of bag will accompany you and it will support you to keep small things that you have been able to buy. And leave your hands free for those larger bags. Finally, the tote bag is ideal for lunch or dinner with friends or work. As you can see, the tote bag is a very versatile luxury handbag.


  1. Crossbody bag


Crossbody bags are perfect for a walk during the day and a romantic dinner at night. They are practical to carry essential things such as keys, documents, and cell phones. There are different models and designs; some have very striking patterns or colors. Others are more discreet and more elegant-looking. For example, at ANSCEL, you can find The Mystique bag. This one has three presentations, and each one has a beautiful and luxurious design. Thanks to the fact that it is a versatile luxury bag, you can use it during the day or at night.



  1. Clutch bag


Clutch bag
A clutch, also called a handbag, party bag, or evening bag is a small bag without a handle. It is an ideal complement for when you only need to carry two or three things with you (mobile, wallet, keys, etc). Clutches come in many styles. Several of them have a detachable chain or leather strap. In that way, you can hang them on your shoulder. Being so small and with many styles, the clutch personalizes any look. A woman wearing a neutral dress can carry a clutch to add color to her outfit. Or if she wears a colorful look, she can wear a clutch in a neutral tone, for example, in black, as is the case with the Camellia model from ANSCEL.



  1. Structured bag


A structured bag is one when you place it on the table, keeps its rectangular shape intact. This handbag always looks elegant and is ideal for work, the office, or when we want our look to look perfect. This type of bag looks very cute when we carry it with the short handles on the forearm. But many also have long handles that allow you to carry them as a shoulder bag. This double function is ideal, and you should always pay attention to what you have when buying it. In this way, this luxury bag becomes very versatile. In addition, structured bags give our look a touch of elegance. The Magnolia bag is perfect among the options you can find in ANSCEL. It´s black leather, roomy, and sophisticated looking. This bag is ideal for any occasion.



  1. Backpacks



A backpack is a bag that you carry on the back. To do this, it has two straps that go over your shoulders. You can use backpacks to carry all kinds of items. They´re helpful on trips and excursions. But they´re also used in the school environment and even in everyday life. There are luxury models that allow you to use them on any occasion. Even if it´s to go to the office or go out with friends. Or also to go to a family dinner. Because of that, backpacks are among versatile luxury bags. In addition to being practical, they can also add a touch of style to your look. If you are looking for the ideal backpack for any occasion, at ANSCEL, you can find the Jupiter model. It´s black leather and roomy, and its appearance is elegant and chic.



What color bag is most versatile?


What color bag is most versatile?
The most versatile bags are in neutral and classic colors. For instance, black, white, beige, nude, and brown. But the color that´s always a safe bet is black. For that reason, adding a black bag to your closet is the best fashion decision you can make. This bag will not only be an accessory. It will also be a basic element that you can use with any look. A black bag is elegant, chic but, above all, very versatile and practical. It´s always better to buy a black luxury bag that fits well with any outfit than to buy a colored one that you can only use on some occasions. The ANSCEL brand offers you a variety of black bags designed to be worn at all times.



Can luxury handbags be versatile? Yes, they can be. The most versatile bags are tote bags, clutches, structured bags, crossbody bags, and backpacks. In addition, if they´re in black, their practicality increases. Add these types of bags in neutral and classic tones, and you will see how your outfits acquire a touch of perfection.