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6 Easy Tips on How to Rock any Simple Outfit

6 Easy Tips on How to Rock any Simple Outfit

Most people usually think that simplicity is dull.  This is mostly not the case here in Anscel Designs. Simplicity is golden and one must be never afraid of walking down the hallway rocking classic clutched bags or grooving plain sweatshirts. But there is one thing to note about: Everybody does not have the same preference of styles. That is why we are telling you now on how to appear fashionable while rocking golden classics!

  1. Be Confident

Nothing ever fails a man but himself. If someone doesn’t think that they can nail everything they do, then there’s no use of taking additional steps for improvement if they don’t believe in success. Even though it will not be easy, taking gradual steps will ensure the process of improvement that will later be fruitful. Believing in yourself is a key to almost everything. Doubts are okay and necessary, but giving up will always be the least choice. To impress with your outfits, you should implement your personality with it. It just doesn’t act like a fashion accessory, treat it as a piece of yourself.

  1. Be prepared for the flak


Before the implementation of any plans, one must be prepared for criticisms. Most people will most likely give up if they hear opinions they don’t like. Feedbacks are necessary for improvement. No feedback, no process = stationary. Be determined to pursue all you want to do, especially if it makes you happy. Just remember, the key to fashion is always patience. Take your time to learn from every negativity they throw because failures are lessons. But just an important thing to note, if someone doesn’t like your theme, it doesn’t mean you’ll throw the idea of yours away. This eventually explains that your idea is unique and always beautiful. So sometimes, it’s lying on top of the competition.


  1. Choose your colors carefully

Simple outfits do not only rely on stitching styles and texture, but with their own colors. When you come across a color wheel, you might be interested in thedifferent types of visuals you may want to wear or add on your existing fashion accessories. Most of you will most likely be asking the fashion designers, “Is this right for me?” “Do I look good?” “Doesn’t it look alright?” and they will tell you immediately what’s wrong or what’s to change. But not all of us have these kinds of people to assist us, so your skin undertone is always the first you’ll consider when trying colors. There are three main types of skin undertone: cool, warm, and neutral. To assess what skin type you have yourself, follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Locate the veins on your wrist.
  2. Position it on where there is a direct source of light.
  3. Evaluate the color of the veins. If it is blue or purple, then you are most likely to have a cool If it appears green, then you are most likely warm. If the veins have blue or purple, and some green ones, then you are definitely a neutral.

But remember, this method does not always work. Another trick is to wear a silver and golden ring. If the golden one lights up your finger, then you are definitely warm. If the other shines yours, then you're cool. Silver usually makes the people with warm undertones washed out.

In summary, if you are cool, wear colors on the cooler spectrum. If you are warm, wear colors on the warmer spectrum. Neutral skin undertones will mostly sit right in the middle.

  1. Style your hair

If having a simple outfit doesn’t do much, then make your hair feel alive. Hair styles can be more difficult to achieve, and are usually under looked by many. For men, it is mostly recommended to have a clean cut to rock a simple sweatshirt. If your hair is long and you do not want to just let it stay on your shoulders, then you should do a bun or braids. For women, hair styles are very necessary but not technically preferred. Most will go with a simple ponytail, but if your outfit is plain, it is recommended to go with braids, fishtails and others. But just to have the balance, don’t let your hair mess your overall style. It must not be heavier than the overall visual weight of your outfit.

  1. Step on the right shoes

Most definitely, one of the things you must consider eyeing on is your shoes. If you are the one wearing it, then you do not mostly recognize the overall appearance. Shoes that do not match your clothes will look out of place. One thing to suggest is to look again on the color wheel. The color of your clothes will complement or contrast beautifully if you will assess and evaluate the similarity and the difference of the colors. Family colors are usually to go to if you want a good blending, but a nice contrast will also be a good visual.

  1. Own your style

You can be influenced by a massive number of fashion designers and stylists, but one must recognize the efforts you made throughout your entire exploration of designs. You are what you do and don’t ever give up! One thing to recommend is to look for inspiration. Check out the latest designs of Anscel and have a try. This will help you create ideas for your own masterpieces.