Anscel-5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week

5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week

5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week. Handbags are fascinating to most women. This piece is a perfect accessory for any outfit and keeps our little treasures inside (makeup, wallet, notebook, cell phone, among others). When we see a bag that we really like, we tend to buy it without really thinking about what matters. If it´s original, of good quality, or if it could fit well with any look. Before making these purchases, it´s better to consider what you need and what works for you. But that doesn't mean you should have only one bag in your closet. You could have 5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week. If you´re interested in knowing which bags you can use on different days of the week, stay here and discover how to carry a different bag every day.


Know these 5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week


If you buy a black Korean handbag design, it will be helpful. But why? Because you can wear it with any look. Still, that doesn't mean you should only have one Korean handbag design in your closet. The truth is that you could have five of them and use them all on different days of the week. If you don't know how don´t worry. Here we´ll help you to use 5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week.


  1. Monday: a roomy and comfortable tote bag


Anscel-Monday: a roomy and comfortable tote bag

Monday is perhaps the hardest day of the week. After the weekend, our desire to continue resting stays with us. However, it´s not possible when the week begins, and you must face your responsibilities. Which usually means work and more work. When leaving home, we need to take with us a bag that allows us to carry our objects. The bag that best adapts to these situations is the tote bag. That´s why we start with the tote bag this list of 5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week.


Many women decide to carry notebooks, a comb, a cosmetic bag, sunscreen, a book for leisure, lotions, and thousands of items of dubious necessity that are essential in our day-to-day life. The tote bag has the shape of a square or trapezoid and has handles to hang it on the shoulder. If you're in a hurry on Monday and you didn't have time to get ready or have breakfast, all your objects will fit perfectly in the tote bag, or at least in many tote bag models. You can try the Willow model of the ANSCEL brand. It´s black, of good quality, and with a beautiful design. 


  1. Tuesday: helpful and sophisticated backpacks


Anscel-Tuesday: helpful and sophisticated backpacks

You can wear a backpack on Tuesday. If you must go to the office but then you have to go to a meeting with friends or your children's school. In this way, you would also be using a roomy and beautiful bag. And above all, different from the one you used the day before. For that reason, the second bag in this list of 5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week is the backpack. Today this bag began to be worn primarily by women outside the classroom. Its two handles and the possibility of carrying it on your back make it a hit. And a very comfortable and safe option for traveling. We recommend a black leather backpack, such as the Jupiter model from the ANSCEL brand. It will add a sophisticated touch to the look you wear it with.


  1. Wednesday: structured bags


Anscel-Wednesday: structured bags

And we're halfway through the week. At this point, we´re getting closer to the weekend, which means there are a few days left to rest. But in the meantime, we can´t stop looking fashionable. There are still some outfits that need to be complemented with the best bags and the useful ones. On Wednesday, you can wear a structured bag in black leather, such as the Magnolia model from the ANSCEL brand. Structured bags are roomy, helpful, and bring a fresh yet chic style. That´s why it´s perfect for the middle of the week. As it will reflect your joy because the weekend is near, but you´re still ready to finish the week too. You can wear a structured bag to go to the office, have a work meeting, or pick up your children after school. It´s a good option for any situation that comes up during the day.

  1. Thursday: a nice crossbody bag


Anscel-Thursday: a nice crossbody bag

Among the 5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week, we recommend you use a crossbody bag on Thursday. This type of bag is practical. It allows you to carry it hanging on your shoulder or cross. Sometimes it can have a long handle that makes it comfortable. But it also has a shorter and fixed handle if you want to carry it under your arm. 

Why is it called a crossbody?  Because the leather band is placed on one shoulder and crosses the body. Its extremities join on the opposite side. This bag originated when the nomadic man needed to transport things without using his hands. It´s one of the first bags to appear. Among the options offered by the ANSCEL brand, you can find models such as Georgia and The Mystique. They´re black leather crossbody that will give an attractive and sophisticated look to your Thursday look.


  1. Friday: clutch for the funniest moments


Friday: clutch for the funniest moments

The last day of the week has arrived! That usually means fun because some take the opportunity to go out at night. If you´re going to dinner or going to a party with your partner or your friends, there´s no better option than a clutch bag because clutches are used to attend parties. Due to its size, you can't fit much into it, just the basics. Like your cell phone, lipstick or powder, and a wallet. Big brands like Dior or Chanel created some models that incorporate a leather strap to be carried on the shoulder. These designs inspired other companies, and now you can find a clutch with a handle easily. At ANSCEL, you can also find your Korean handbag design in the form of a clutch with a leather strap and a built-in chain. The Camelia model is perfect to go with your outfit on a Friday night.

These 5 Korean handbag designs for 5 days of the week will help you perfect all your weekly looks. Go to work or go out with your partner and friends, always looking perfect. You need to add those bags that will be useful, but that will also perfect your style. See you in the next blog!