Product Care

Product care instructions

ANSCEL handbags, totes and wallets are made with high-quality American leathers. And, in some cases, a rare, hemp-based canvas material (Terra-Fabric). When making our bags, we take care of the small details that make them truly exquisite. For example, hand-painted edges, and the inclusion of strong, jewelry-quality hardware. We also use a non-toxic coating on our bags for added weather protection, and for typical, wear-and-tear ‘toughness.’

To keep your luxury bags looking their best, we recommend the following care practices:

During daily use:

  • Don’t over-stuff your bag, or add weight that it can’t handle. Leather and hemp are strong, but they do have their limits.
  • Don’t throw your bag, scratch it against cement and grainy surfaces, or allow your keys and jewelry to strike it (use the inner key rings, if your bag has one). Please treat this bag like the luxury item it is. It is well-made for reasonable, long-term use, but it is not invincible.
  • Keep your bags out of direct sunlight or wet, humid conditions, whenever possible. Don’t set it near stoves, camp fires or hot surfaces of any kind. Long-term exposure to damaging environmental factors can degrade materials and fade colours.
  • Don’t use chemical cleaners, alcohol or soap on your bag. Prevent makeup, skin care or perfume spills on it, too.
  • DO expect your leather and Terra-fabric bags to form a patina (glossy shine) on areas where they are normally brushed against (such as where the sides touch your hip). This is a desired quality in high-grade leather products, and our canvas material boasts it, too. It creates a unique, storyful look that marks the item as ‘yours.’ It also indicates that non-toxic chemicals were used to produce the bag.

When cleaning:

  • To clean your bag, use a damp, pill-resistant cloth to gently wipe it, without excessive rubbing. Rubbing a leather or hemp handbag can affect its colour and patina. Afterwards, and if your bag gets wet from rain or spills, gently pat it dry with a pill-resistant, absorbent material, such as a microfiber towel. 
  • To polish hardware, use a polishing cloth to wipe and rub metal surfaces, but don’t use any additives.
  • Do not use chemicals or cleaning products of any kind on your bag, anywhere. That goes even if the cleaning product says it is made for leather, or if it says it is ‘natural.’
  • Do not put your bag in a washing machine, and do not submerge it in water or any liquid.

When storing:

  • When not in use, maintain your bag’s shape and quality by stuffing it with undyed tissue paper. Wrap its handles in colourless tissue paper, too. Place the handles inside the bag (to prevent markings). Finally, place it on a shelf, or in a ventilated box, in an upright position.
  • For long-term storage, also place the bag inside an outer protective pouch, like a dust bag or pillow case. Or, use the wrapping paper the bag came in.
  • Store your bag in a clean, dark, cool and dry place, such as a tidy, indoor closet in an occupied home. We do not recommend leaving your luxury handbag in a garage or storage unit, even if it is in a plastic bin. If you rent a temperature-controlled storage unit, ask if they will insure all of your belongings, including your Anscel bag, before placing our items there.

Remember: if you treat your designer bag with the TLC it deserves, it will serve you for years to come!

If you notice a defect in your product, despite following all care instructions, please see our returns and warranty page for more information on how we can help you.

For any inquiries about your product, please do not hesitate to email us