Anscel Designs

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Affordable, high-quality handbags designed in Canada 

Anscel Designs is a small, hands-on Canadian company designing and producing bags that are both luxurious and practical.  As an independent lifestyle brand, our focus is on quality and function far more than status and name recognition. 

From the beginning, our goal was to compete with and surpass all that is good in the haute couture brands by providing unassuming style with high quality materials and composition, ensuring a product that would endure regular wear and tear.


We want to offer you the best.  

At ANSCEL, our primary focus is on providing quality with style at a realistic price. For as you know, extremely high prices do not always indicate top quality.

Our handbags are not meant to be museum pieces kept on display at home or tucked away for a special occasion.  They are made to live life with you wherever you go. 

We want you to Love Your Bag.



Iconic fashion compiled and stitched to meet your approval

When you choose from the ANSCEL collection you are buying timeless fashion and quality, durability, flexibility, a bag to complement whatever you wear, to suit wherever you go. 

To that end, our bags are simple in style and uniform in colour. Black is our chosen backdrop to modestly yet stylishly showcase your overall fashion statement.  

For your convenience, our bags incorporate slender, lightweight structural components to maintain shape with a minimum of additional weight or restriction to available space. The interiors are lined with “easy care” cloth to complete the overall finished look. 

Within the range of design features you will find:

  • Handy interior and exterior pockets and dividers
  • Bi-fold and hand-painted edges
  • Leather trim and zipper pulls
  • Solid, medium weight metal hardware and zippers 
  • Magnetic, ‘easy close’ snapping buckles
  • Decorative feet for protection and balance 
  • Maximum of stitching and a minimum of glue