Anscel Designs

Affordable, high-quality handbags, independently designed in Canada using luxury standards

Appreciate the bag, not the brand


ANSCEL Designs is a ‘luxury-utilitarian’ handbag manufacturer. As an independent, lifestyle brand, our focus is on quality and function, far more than status and name recognition. When we set out to make our purses, totes and wallets, our goal was to surpass the ‘good’ part of haute couture brands; that is, the high-quality materials and composition, which are made to outlast regular wear-and-tear. 


But at the same time, we wanted to take out the meaningless part of fashion design: the ‘empty’ status that comes with a logo and high price tag.


It sounds bold, yet everyone knows it: high prices don’t mean high quality. At least not in today’s high-markup, fashion industry.


We’re challenging the ‘name brand’ concept, by proving we can make the best handbag you’ll ever own, without the exorbitant price tag. Why? Because, we appreciate the bag, not the brand. So, you should only pay for the bag, and not the brand.


These high quality handbags are not museum pieces you keep on display at home, or tuck away in a lockbox. They are made to live life with you, wherever you go.


Iconic fashion, compiled and stitched with the highest standards 


ANSCEL handbags are designed to be timeless pieces for your wardrobe - the kind that can last a lifetime without going out of style. They are also functional - that is, useful for everyday life, and matchable to any outfit; from sporting at the gym, glamming at a party, impressing at work, or shopping in town. 


To that end, they are simple in shape and colour. However, they include hints of detail that tell the story of their quality workmanship (as any trained eye can see). For example, they include:


  • Handy interior and exterior pockets and dividers
  • Bi-fold and hand-painted edges
  • Leather trim and zipper pulls
  • ‘Quiet’ metal hardware and zippers (avoiding ‘tin can’ noises)
  • Magnetic, ‘easy close,’ snapping buckles
  • Decorative feet to protect their base
  • Less glue and more stitching 


Structural components, like flexible piping and panels, maintain shape, without creating unnecessary weight or restriction. 


Interiors are lined with polyester for easy care that is lightweight, too.