We use A-grade lambskin and cowhide leather in full and top-grain tans, sourced largely from America and Korea. These high-quality leathers have been buffed smooth for a luxurious feel while maintaining their tensile property of strength through movement.

As well, they are hypoallergenic due to our non-toxic dyeing processes.

Some of our designs exhibit original texture marks; and all develop a natural patina over time responding to personal use.


These high-quality leathers evolve in time-honoured beauty making them highly desirable.


We are proud to list the origin and type of leather used in each of our product designs.




Our designs incorporate jewelry-quality plated solid iron hardware from Korea in either golden or silvery tones, for functionality and to enhance the beauty of our bags.


The hardware is well-balanced providing optimum strength with a minimum of weight.


These finishings are not only practical but make a distinct fashion statement.


On some of our bags select pieces of hardware are detachable for extra customization reflecting personal preference.